Adam Black is a member of the Quileute tribe, the older brother of Julie Black, twin brother of Aaron Black and the eldest child of Bonnie Black, and second cousins with Quil Ateara. His Twilight Saga counterpart is Rachel Black.


Early lifeEdit

Adam was born and raised in La Push, Washington. He and his siblings were sometimes acquainted with Charlie Swan's son, Beau, though they never became real friends since Beau rarely visited Forks.

The sudden death of his father hit his family hard, though he and Aaron did their best to help Julie and Bonnie recover from their pain. He and Aaron, however, had a harder time dealing with it, and when he received a scholarship from Washington State University in Pullman to study computer engineering, he moved away from La Push and rarely returned home to visit. His brother married as soon as he was old enough and moved to Hawaii.

Life and Death: Twilight ReimaginedEdit

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In the novel of Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, at the beach, Julie tells Beau that Adam got a scholarship to Washington State University, while his twin Aaron married and moved to Hawaii. Julie did not tell Beau that her older twin brothers did not feel comfortable about living in La Push after their father's death.

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