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"Let me know if you change your mind."
―Amber while flirting with Edward[src]

Amber is a waitress at La Bella Italia, an Italian restaurant in the town of Port Angeles, Washington. Her Life and Death counterpart is Sal.

She is portrayed by Katie Powers in the movie adaptation.



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Amber served Edward Cullen and Bella Swan the night Bella was attacked and nearly raped by several men while returning to her friends after an attempt to find a suitable bookstore. When Amber takes the order of Bella's mushroom ravioli and Coke, she seems to be paying more attention to Edward than to her, showing her attraction to him. She is very warm and smiles at Edward a lot, while ignoring Bella. In Meyer's draft of Midnight Sun, Amber places her phone number next to the bill, but Edward does not take it and instead leaves a big tip to hope it will make up for not taking the phone number.

Physical description[]

In the book, Amber is described as a Caucasian girl with short black hair. Edward hardly noticed her, implying that she did not smell as enticing as Bella, or that her thoughts do not interest him. In the Twilight film, she has a rose tattoo over her right breast.

Film portrayal[]

Katie Powers

In the Twilight film, she is portrayed by Katie Powers. Powers was also Kristen Stewart's stunt double for the film.