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Anna-Marie Brandon was the second wife of Edgar John Brandon and stepmother of Mary Alice and Cynthia Brandon.

She was portrayed by Erin Boyes in the short film, The Mary Alice Brandon File.


The Mary Alice Brandon File[]

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Edgar's wedding.

Anna-Marie married Edgar within six months after Edgar's wife Lillian passed away in a supposed "accident". While she treated Cynthia like a pet, she was rather cold toward Alice. Alice became suspicious, given the time it took to prepare the wedding than should have been possible and her off-hand comments. She suspected Anna-Marie to be responsible for her mother's death. By confiding in Edgar about her suspicions, however, she found out that her father was the one who hired the assassin to kill Lillian, and Anna-Marie was in on it all along.

At the town marshal's office, Edgar and Anna-Marie coldly watch Alice get dragged away by nurses after convincing the town marshal that their daughter had gone mad. Alice pulled apart Anna-Marie's pearl necklace before she was whisked away.

Physical appearance[]

Anna-Marie wore her blond hair in a bun and had the round facial features of a young girl. In the style of the 1920s, she used to wear a long necklace made of pearls connected to a silver pendant that followed down to her torso.

Film portrayal[]

Erin Boyes

Anna-Marie Brandon was portrayed by Erin Boyes in the segment, The Mary Alice Brandon File. She also appeared as Denise in a deleted scene New Moon movie.

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Anna-Marie's name was never revealed in the Twilight Saga. Her name was created exclusively for the short film. In The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, Alice's stepmother was known to be a blond Yankee from Illinois who was only ten years older than Alice, and her father was a frequent customer to Mr. Brandon.