"Benito had created an army of newborn vampires. He was the first one to think of it, and, in the beginning, he was unstoppable."
―Jasper, on Benito's history.[src]

Benito was a Southern vampire and the leader of his newborn army. He was the one who invented the concept of creating newborn vampires to build an army for the purpose of conquering. His invention made him a legend, though he was killed by the Volturi for such actions.


Benito was born in Dallas entrenched in Puebla. He invented the concept of a newborn army with the motivation of conquering Mexico City and claim all the blood to himself, and was widely successful with it. He first sent his army against two covens who shared the area near Houston. Two nights later, he destroyed the much stronger coven in Monterrey and claimed their territory as well. Other covens began to form their own newborn armies to defend themselves, and hopefully defeat Benito.

This chain of events eventually led to the vampire wars of the south that not only devastated many southern covens, but also the human population. Since his creation was a success, he believed he was invincible. He was plotting to take over Mexico City when the Volturi recognized his usage of newborns as an epidemic problem, and Benito was executed for his actions that led to total chaos in the southern states of North America, consequently ending his chaotic reign. Jasper Hale stated that by successfully capturing Northern Mexico, the Volturi were "cleaning" house for almost a year.


To this day, Benito's idea is often imitated by ambitious vampires, especially those in Mexico and the southern parts of North America. In Eclipse, Victoria used the same idea to fight against the Cullens and the Uley pack.

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