"You're going to have a beautiful baby."
"Is it that obvious?"
"No, no. You just have that glow."
"You're sweet."
―Alice and Betty[src]

Betty is a minor character who appeared in the short segment, We've Met Before. She works as a waitress at a local diner in the state of Philadelphia in 1948.

She is portrayed by Devereau Chumrau.

Biography[edit | edit source]

We've Met Before[edit | edit source]

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In 1948, Betty works as a waitress in the diner where Alice and Jasper met. She offers to refill Alice's coffee and readies to take order from Alice, who kindky declines. Alice then comments that Betty will have a beautiful baby, much to the latter's surprise.

When Alice joined Jasper at his table without her coffee, Betty brings her the cup of coffee that she left behind and asks if they wanted to order, which is declined again. While talking with Jasper, Alice has a vision of Betty cutting her finger on a broken piece of plate and Jasper losing control of his thirst. Alice manages to distract him the second it happened, saving Betty from his attack.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Betty is an African-American in her 30s, with thick curly dark brown hair that touches her shoulders, and thick eyebrows.

Film portrayal[edit | edit source]

Devereau Chumrau

Betty is portrayed by Devereau Chumrau in the segment.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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