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Biloxi (pronounced /bəˈlʌksi/,[1] bə-LUK-see)[2] is a city in Harrison County, Mississippi, in the USA.

In the series[]

The Storytellers[]


Biloxi was the hometown of Mary Alice Brandon (later Alice Cullen) as a human, and her younger sister, Cynthia Brandon in the early 20th century. It is also the current home town of Cynthia's daughter.

Alice's memories of her early life were completely erased when she was placed in a mental asylum by her father, who accused her of having gone mad by her 'damned' visions. Alice had suffered from premonitions that frightened her family, and was confined to an asylum for electroshock treatment which erased the memories of her early life. While living in the asylum, she befriended a vampire who worked at the institution.

Two vampires were instrumental to her turning: James and the unnamed vampire. James, highly attracted to Alice's scent, targeted her as his prey. The other vampire interfered, biting her, turning her to prevent James from drinking her blood, and was later killed by James in revenge.

New Moon[]

In New Moon, Alice spent some time in Biloxi researching her origins, and discovered her own gravestone: the date of death corresponded to the date that she was confined to the asylum, indicating that she was "dead" to her family.


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