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Boris was the Russian vampire who changed Laurent while briefly visiting the French court as a powerful Russian ambassador with silent servants.


Boris was born in Russia. When he visited the French court as a powerful Russian ambassador, he was flattered with Laurent's admiration. The two struck a friendship. When it was time for Boris to leave due to the number of vanished serving men and women that was beginning to attract notice, he invited Laurent to go with him, which he accepted.

He became so close to Laurent that he eventually told him the truth about himself. Laurent begged to have the same gift of power and immortality. Boris was happy to comply. Over time, Laurent grew tired of his jovial habits and left to find more powerful vampire groups.

It is unknown if Boris still lives today.

Personality and traits[]

Boris was depicted as a fun-loving vampire who enjoyed human revelry and was flattered with Laurent's admiration. He was also described to share a similar personality to George, only he did not enjoy taunting humans as much.


The only mention of his existence is in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.