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Breaking Dan Cover

This is a list of quotes in Breaking Dawn.

"I gotta say it, Bells, you're a freak show."
―Jacob to Bella Cullen on the subject of her change to a vampire

"Wow, done already?"  "Break alot of stuff?"      "Emmett, no"                           - Emmett to Edward and Bella

"Bachelor parties are designed for those who are sad to see the passing of their single days."
―Edward to Bella
"We’ll get to know each other later. We’ll have eons of time for that!"
Tanya to Bella
"Who gives an island as a gift? I frowned. I hadn’t realized Edward’s extreme generosity was a learned behavior."
―Bella Cullen's thoughts on Isle Esme
"I didn’t know how or when, but someday, Alice was going to pay for this."
―Bella upon discovering the lingerie that Alice Cullen packed for her
"Why am I covered in feathers?"
―Bella to Edward after he bit a pillow
"I don’t spend my free time plotting like some people do. 'What can we do to wear Bella out today?'"
―Bella imitating Edward
"Ay caray!"
―Eleazar after Renesmee touched his forehead
"No. No way!"
―Bella after turning nineteen
"Alice, Alice, Alice!"
―Bella's thoughts on Alice's return during the Volturi confrontation
"That's too I bad, I liked that one."

"I did, too."

―Bella and Edward on Edward destroying Bella's nightgown
"That thing is kicking the hell out of her."
Seth Clearwater while talking to Jacob in his mind as a werewolf
"You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster!?"
―Bella after Jacob calls Renesmee, Nessie
"You got food in my hair."
Rosalie Hale to Jacob
"She's going to be the most spoiled half-vampire in existence."
―Alice Cullen on Renesmee
"I almost went back. I almost turned around and fell down on my knees and started begging again. But I knew that I had to quit Bella, quit her cold turkey, before she killed me, like she was going to kill him."
Jacob Black
"My baby. My little nudger."
Bella Swan

"If we live through this, I`ll follow you anywhere, woman." "Now he tells me."

Garrett and Kate