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Charles is a Danish nomadic vampire, who is mated with his creator, Makenna. He has a gift of sensing when someone is lying to him.


Early life[]

Charles was a law student in Barcelona when he met Makenna, and they fell in love. After some time, Makenna told Charles that the unusual characteristics of her family and that she was approaching some big changes. Charles said he would be there through anything. Makenna told him she had to leave for a while, but would come back. If Charles wanted to wait, he could. If not, she would understand. When she returned more than one year later as a vampire, Charles was still waiting. After hashing through all the pros and cons together, Charles decided to join her. They waited three years so Makenna would be able to keep from killing him, and then he was successfully transformed, and subsequently gained the ability to sense lies.

They live nomadically for the most part, but Makenna still visits her family often. Sometime during their travels, they came across another nomad named Garrett.

Breaking Dawn[]

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He and Makenna first appear near the end of Breaking Dawn, when they were invited by Makenna's relative, Renata, to witness the Volturi destroy the Cullens for committing the ultimate crime: creating an immortal child. Because the Volturi were sure that the Cullens had committed a crime at the time, Charles felt no deception from their agenda and complied. However, when they arrive in Forks, he feels the truth coming from the Cullens' testimony and a sense of newfound dishonesty from the Volturi. He determines the Cullens' innocence and then leaves with his mate to avoid upcoming conflicts.

Physical appearance[]

Charles is thin but muscular, standing 6'0" tall, and has dark blond hair.

Powers and abilities: lie detection[]

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"It is not what I see, but what I feel. Garrett said they have ways of knowing lies. I, too, know when I am hearing the truth, and when I am not."

Charles has a talent for sensing when someone is telling lies. This gift is similar to Maggie's ability to detect if someone is lying, though it seems her gift is stronger than Charles's.


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