Christopher Heyerdahl appears in New Moon and both Breaking Dawn movies as Marcus. His character is described as apathetic and appears constantly bored by any situation.

A seasoned actor in his generation, he is most known for his roles as Todd the Wraith and Halling in Stargate Atlantis and as a series regular as the powerful Druitt on the Syfy channel series Sanctuary.

In late 2011, he landed the role as a series regular on AMC's western Hell on Wheels.

In 2012, Heyerdahl was cast in the HBO series, True Blood. He plays Dieter Braun, an ancient, powerful vampire who plays a large part in the intelligence of the Authority.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Christopher was born in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada which makes him a first generation Canadian. Christopher is half Norwegian, his mother is Scottish, and the late Thor Heyerdahl was his father's cousin. Chris is a keen motorcyclist, and does not own a car. He lives in Montreal with his wife and family.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Year Film Role
1987 Jump Street Jake
1993 Are You Afriad Of The Dark? Loeiond/Nosferatu
1994 The Maharaja's Daughter Walt
Highlander 3 The Sorcer Ponytail
1995 Warriors Milo
1996 Rowing Through Paul Enquist
Silent Trigger O'Hera
1997 Coyaty Run Judd Rush
Lassie Alfred Kruss
Habitat Eric Thornton
The Call Of The Wild:Dog Of Yukon Fellow Gambler
Bleeders Narrator
Afflication Franky
The PeaceKeeper Hettinger
The Hunter Arther
Twist Of Terror Darien
The Education Of The Little Tree Pine Billy
1998 The Ghost Of Dicken's Past Charles Dickins
Out Of Mind: The Stories Of H.P. Lovecraft Howard P Lovecraft
1999 2 Feares Bobby
Requim For Muder Det. Lou Heniz
Bebal Prefictor
2000 Fish Out Of Water Bobby Fish
Believe Thad Stiles
The Secret Advetures of Jules Verne D'Artagan
Nuremberg Ernst Kaltenbrunner
La Femme Nikita Colin Starnes
2001 Vivians War Marius
The Killing Yard D.A
La Loi Du Couch Jodoroway
Nowhere is sight Lewis Gills
2002 Aftermath Evan Harper
Mathew Blackheart Dr. Jacob Mortals
Just Cause Dr. Tolkin
2003 John Doe Dr. Hillinman
Andoremda Gaitin
Stargate SG1 Pallan
Jeremaih Paul Wiel
2004 Lernaih Tunnel Smiley
The Chronicls Of Reddrick Helion
Kingdom Hospital Reverend Jimmy
Catwoman Rocker
Life As We Know It Mr Mitchell
2005 The Outlander Cauler
Into the west James
Kamakati Scott
2006 The Collector Jan Ven Der
Saved John the Bapist
The Dead Zone Zed
Psych Long Hair
Whistler Justin
Le Ze Round Aurther Kenndy
2007 Killer Wave Standly
Master Of Horror Rufus
The Invisable Dr. Woland
Santuary Big Foot/John
Le Soeurs Elliot Alcidez
SmallVille Zo-El
Stargate Atlantis Todd The Wraith; Halling
2009 Cadavres Paolo
Supernatural Alistar
New Moon Marcus
2010 Mirader Grenier
Human target Connor
2011 Let Your Fingers Do The Talking Alby
R.L Stine: The Haunting Hour Collector
Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Marcus
Sancuary Big Foot/John
2012 Heels On Wheels The Swede
True Blood Dietor Braun
Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Marcus

Extras[edit | edit source]

Year TV Show/Documentary Role
2002 India: The Kingdom Of The Tiger Narrator
2009 Leo Awards (Nominated) Himself
2010 Leo awards (Nominated) Presentor/himself

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