Claire Brant was the daughter of a wealthy investor. She was in a secret relationship with a worker, Teddy.

She is portrayed by Mary Kehoe in the short film Masque.



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Teddy and Claire.

Claire was a woman of the 1920s. She was born into a wealthy family, with a controlling and abusive father for whom she despised for his narrow-mindedness, arrogance and cruelty.

She was secretly in a romantic relationship with a man named Teddy, of whom her father disapproved for his lack wealth and position. While at a masquerade party with her boyfriend, her father unmasked and openly humiliated him. Frustrated, Teddy left the party. Claire tried to run after him, but her father stopped him and said that she had humiliated "him" rather than the opposite. An argument followed, and soon her father hit her violently. Esme, flashing back to her previous life with her first husband, saved her.

Physical appearance

Claire had curly light brown hair. Her eyes were sky blue.

Film portrayal


Mary Kehoe

Claire Brant is portrayed by Mary Kehoe in the short segment of the project, The Storytellers.

She was also in charge of costumes for the segment.


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