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"Here's your veggie plate, Stephenie."
―Cora to Stephenie Meyer[src]

Cora is a minor character who appears only in the Twilight movie.

She is portrayed by Ayanna Berkshire in the movie.



"I can't believe how much you've grown. And so gorgeous."
―Cora to Bella[src]

Cora works at the diner that Bella andCharlie go to for dinner if Bella is not cooking. On her first day back in Forks, Bella and Charlie eat dinner at the diner, and Cora comments how big and gorgeous she has gotten since the last time she saw her. Charlie's friend, Waylon comes forth and tries to remind Bella that they met when he played Santa Claus, though she hadn't spent Christmas in Forks since she was four years old. Cora then pushes him away to let them eat in peace.

After the recent killings in Forks (caused by James's coven), Cora was very worried and hoped that her friend Charlie would catch the killers.

Physical appearance[]

Cora shows features of an African-American, with pouty lips and curly black hair.

Film portrayal[]

Ayanna Berkshire

Cora is portrayed by Ayanna Berkshire in the movie.