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"How are you feeling, Miss Brandon?"
―Dr. Brown to Alice[src]

Dr. Brown is the doctor responsible for giving Alice Cullen electric treatments to erase her memory prior to her life after her family admitted her to a mental asylum.

He is portrayed by Michael Hogan in the segment The Mary Alice Brandon File.


The Mary Alice Brandon File[]

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Dr. Brown overseeing Alice's treatment.

Dr. Brown worked at St. Dympha Mental Asylum during the early 1920s. He is tasked with giving Alice Cullen, at the time known as "Mary Alice Brandon", electric treatments to erase her memory, after he was informed that she had gone mad after losing her mother and the allegations of her ability to see the future.

He continuously "treats" her memory until she no longer recalls anything prior to her arrival at the hospital. In the final scene, Alice alleges that it is about to rain. Dr. Brown dismisses her words, but is surprised when the rain hits.

Physical appearance[]

Dr. Brown is balding, with graying hair and the pale skin of American. He always wears his doctor attire while treating Alice.


Dr. Brown was only known as "the Doctor" in the short film, but his surname was listed on the clipboard during his sessions with Alice. The actor, Michael Hogan, helped come up with the name.[1]

Film portrayal[]

Michael Hogan

Dr. Brown is portrayed by Michael Hogan in the segment The Mary Alice Brandon File.



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