Dr. Sadarangani is a surgeon at St. Joseph's in Phoenix, Arizona. He once worked together with Carlisle Cullen fourteen years prior to Twilight.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sadarangani had always found Carlisle the best doctor of his generation, and genuinely praised his work and dedication. They worked together until 1991 when Carlisle's family moved on.

Midnight Sun[edit | edit source]

Sadarangani has started working at St. Joseph's sometime after Carlisle's family moved away.

He was surprised to hear from Carlisle when he brought a severely injured Bella into the emergency center, and admitted her into the hospital. After her condition stabilized, Sadarangani asked Carlisle for assistance in a few medical cases that needed his expertise. Seeing that Bella no longer needed him, he complied and left her in Edward's care.

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