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The Eclipse score was composed by Howard Shore and was released June 29, 2010.

Track listing and scenes[]

  1. "Riley" - 1:53 - Riley leaves a bar in Seattle and is being chased by Victoria, who then bites him. Thus, he transforms into a vampire.
  2. "Compromise/Bella's Theme" - 2:44 - Bella and Edward are having a sweet moment in the flower-filled meadow.
  3. "Bella's Truck/Florida" - 1:50 - Bella goes out to her truck to drive to La Push, but Edward has tampered with her engine to keep her from leaving.
  4. "Victoria" - 2:18 - The Cullens and the wolf pack are chasing Victoria through the forest.
  5. "Imprinting" - 2:07 - Jacob explains imprinting to Bella.
  6. "The Cullens Plan" - 2:19 - The Cullens explain their plan.
  7. "First Kiss" - 2:00 - Jacob kisses Bella and she injures her hand by punching him in the jaw.
  8. "Rosalie" - 4:09 - Rosalie explains her tragic story to Bella.
  9. "Decisions, Decisions..." - 1:50 - The Volturi watch the Seattle newborn army, and contemplate the situation.
  10. "They’re Coming Here" - 4:01 - The Cullens, Bella, Jacob, Quil, and Embry are on the porch of the Cullens' house during the graduation party. They discuss fight training.
  11. "Jacob Black" - 2:13
  12. "Jasper" - 3:56 - Jasper explains his role in a newborn army to Bella.
  13. "Wolf Scent" - 2:19
  14. "Mountain Peak" - 5:03 - Jacob carries Bella up the mountain, Edward waits (and is sparkling), and the newborn army charges underwater to the land.
  15. "The Kiss" - 3:45 - Jacob and Bella kiss on the mountain peak.
  16. "The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward" - 6:40 - Seth and Edward kill Riley and Victoria. Bella slices her arm with a rock to distract Victoria.
  17. "Jane" - 3:12 - The Volturi arrive. Jane confronts Bree. Bree is killed shortly.
  18. "As Easy As Breathing" - 3:21 - An injured Jacob lays in his bed, convincing Bella to choose him over Edward, but she does not choose him.
  19. "Wedding Plans" - 6:12 - Edward and Bella sit in their meadow, talking about the wedding. Bella gives a long speech about how his world has made her stronger, how it wasn't a choice between him and Jacob but who she should be and who she is, and how she's ready to be in his world. Edward puts the ring on her finger, then they embrace each other. ("Wedding Plans" moves into the Metric track from the movie soundtrack.)

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