The following are noted differences between the original Eclipse novel and the movie.

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Book Movie
The first page in the book is Jacob's note to Bella, passed from Billy to Charlie, and vice versa. In the movie, the first scene is Riley Biers, and the second part is Bella and Edward in the meadow. This isn't mentioned in the book. The only time they are in the meadow in the book is after their battle against Victoria and her newborn army.
In the book, Jacob Black is close to 7'0" (2.13m) tall. In the movie, because Taylor Lautner was reprising the role, Jacob is only 5'10½" (1.79 m) tall.
In the book, Bella has a brace on her hand after punching Jacob, and wears the brace while Edward fights Victoria. In the movie, Carlisle puts a bandage on Bella's wrist while Emmett makes a joke about it. Bella isn't wearing the bandage when Edward is fighting Victoria.
In the book, the pack has grown in Eclipse to ten wolves. (Sam, Jared, Paul, Quil, Embry, Jacob, Seth, Leah, Brady and Collin) In the movie, only eight wolves are seen at the practice of newborn fighting. Collin Littlesea and Brady Fuller are not seen, but it may be possible due to their age and inexperience they remained in La Push to guard the tribe during the fight.
In the book, Rosalie talks to Bella about how she became a vampire in Edward's room at the slumber party while he is hunting. Also she mentions her friend Vera who had a baby named Henry and a loving husband, which she envied, and that the reason she saved Emmett was because he looked like Henry. In the movie, Rosalie tells Bella how she became a vampire on the balcony outside the kitchen after Carlisle bandaged Bella's hand. She does not mention Vera, Henry, her husband, or the reason she saved Emmett. Also, there is no slumber party in the movie.
In the book, Jacob gives Bella a bracelet for graduation with a wolf charm that he made, while, after some pleading, Edward gives her a diamond-heart charm. In the movie, Jacob gives Bella a bracelet with a wolf charm that he made for her graduation. Not to be outdone, Edward later gives her a diamond heart charm without asking, saying "It seems only fair that I be represented as well".
In the book, Bella wears Jacob's bracelet on her left hand because her right hand was still healing at the time. In the movie, a bracelet can be seen on Bella's right hand when Edward presented her with the engagement ring.
In the book, five of the Volturi guard make an appearance. Three of them are revealed to be Jane, Demetri, and Felix, while the other two remain unnamed. In The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner , four vampires approach the house where Victoria and Riley are hiding. One of them is Jane. In the movie, four members of the Volturi guards are present: Jane, Demetri, Felix and Alec. They appear in two scenes, the first where they watch over the newborn army from a distance, before arriving in Forks after it's destroyed by the Cullens. The second scene was also in the book- after the battle, when they were confronting the Cullens and Bree Tanner.
In the book, Jacob tells Charlie that he kissed Bella in the living room. Charlie replies happily, saying "Good for you". In the movie, Jacob tells Charlie that he kissed Bella in front of the house, just as Edward and Jacob are about to fight. Jacob's response is: "I kissed Bella, and she broke her hand, punching my face. Total misunderstanding." Charlie looks shocked.
None of the newborns make an appearance until the battle. They are merely mentioned by the Cullens about Jasper's experience, and how it relates to the Seattle ravage. In the movie, the newborns appear more often as they increase and move into the Cullens area. Bree is also seen often, and Riley is always seen instructing them. (Parts of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner)
In the book, after Jacob confronts Edward in front of the high school before classes start, Principal Greene tells Jacob to leave, and he does so - alone. In the movie, after this same confrontation, Bella gets on Jacob's motorcycle, and leaves with him - much to his delight and Edward's chagrin. Principal Greene is not there.
In the book, Edward has Alice keep Bella at their house when he leaves for his hunting trip. Then, during school, Bella escapes with Jacob on his motorcycle before Alice could catch Bella. In the movie, the sleepover was mentioned as an alibi for the battle by Alice. Bella leaves with Jacob after he confronts Edward at the high school.
In the book, Jasper teaches the Cullens and the Quileute shape-shifters to fight the newborn army at 3:00 a.m. In the movie, Jasper teaches the Cullens and the Quileute shape-shifters to fight the newborn army during daylight.
In the book, Bella never spoke to Leah at all.

In the movie, Bella apologized to Leah about Harry's death at Emily's house. Leah just said "If you're here to torture Jacob some more, feel free to leave." She then walked away, later phasing.

In the book, the rock that Bella cuts herself with falls from the mountain above her as debris, after Riley throws Seth against it. In the movie, Bella scrambles for a rock on the ground, and then cuts herself with it. Seth is never thrown against the mountain.
Jasper is bitten by newborns during the newborn battle, and Alice calls him an overprotective fool. In the movie, none of this was shown.
In the book, Jasper mentions that he met Alice in the diner, and they go to the Cullens. In the movie, they never mentioned exactly how they met. Alice however says "You kept me waiting long enough", to which Jasper replies "My apologies ma'am."
Jasper tells Bella his life story when they realize that someone is creating an army to destroy them. Jasper tells Bella his story after their first training with the wolves.
In the book, no one knows who Riley is, where he's from, or how long he's been gone. In the movie, Charlie is looking into the case of Riley's disappearance. Edward reveals that he is local, later revealed to be, again by Edward, the only reason why Victoria needed him.
In the book, Edward bribes Alice with a yellow Porsche for keeping Bella hostage. In the movie, there is no mention of the Porsche and Alice never keeps Bella hostage. However, Porsche is seen for a brief amount of time in Charlie's front yard.
In the book, Edward lends Bella his phone to call when she wants him to pick her up. In the movie, Bella owns a cell phone.
In the book, Edward buys a motorcycle so he can ride with Bella, and then gives it to Jasper. In the movie, there is no mention of Bella's motorcycle since New Moon besides one offer from Jacob to ride it the day of the Council meeting.
In the book, Edward has pretty much no trouble killing Victoria. In the movie, Edward almost has his head torn off just before Bella cuts herself as a distraction.
In the book, when Bella and Edward go out after Bella argues with Charlie about her going with Edward to Florida, Edward and Alice play chess and then Jasper and Bella. In the movie, Bella and Charlie never argued, and Bella never mentioned watching Edward, Alice, and Jasper playing chess.
In the book, Edward, seeing through Seth's thoughts, sees Jacob getting hurt, and then rushes to the clearing.  After finding out Jacob got hurt and that the Volturi are coming, Bella faints on the way there. In the movie, Edward and Bella are already at the clearing and see Jacob get hurt. Bella doesn't faint.
In the book, Edward and Bella are inside the tent when they mention their engagement.  Jacob, in his wolf form, overhears, howls in pain, and takes off. Edward goes, and brings him back so he can talk with Bella in the morning. Bella becomes upset with herself. In the movie, Edward and Bella are outside the tent when they talk about getting married.  Jacob hears, in his human form, and Bella stops him before he leaves. She is angry at Edward for doing that after she made it clear that she didn't want Jacob to know until after the battle.
In the book, Jacob compares himself to the sun, saying he can fight the clouds, but not an eclipse. In the movie, the comparison isn't mentioned.
In the book, after Jacob says Bella would be better off dead than being turned into a vampire, she gets on her motorcycle and leaves. It takes a while for her to forgive him. It is raining, and this is when she is kidnapped.  Edward starts to believe seeing Jacob is okay. In the movie, after making this statement, Jacob sees how it upsets Bella, and apologizes quickly. Edward never accepts Bella being with Jacob.
In the book, before the battle, Alice is upset with Bella for not allowing her to plan the wedding. Later, Alice, who is now in charge of the wedding, shows Bella her wedding dress. In the movie, Bella and Edward talk about Alice planning the wedding in the clearing, but the dress is never shown.
In the book, Jared is said to have imprinted on Kim. In the movie, this is never mentioned.
In the book, Eric Yorkie is the valedictorian of the class. In the movie, the valedictorian of the class is Jessica Stanley.
In the book, Edward and Seth pile up all the pieces of Victoria and Riley (after tearing them to shreds), and then burn them together.  Edward then approaches Bella with caution thinking she is "afraid" of him. In the movie, Edward just burns Victoria with his lighter after he destroys her. Nothing is seen about Seth and Riley in the scene of burning Victoria, and Edward never thinks that Bella is afraid of him.
In the book, Peter and Charlotte are introduced when Jasper tells his story. In the movie, Peter and Charlotte are never mentioned.
Bella thinks back to the weekend she'd spent with Renée in Florida, after her return from the trip. Her weekend is featured shortly with her mother in the garden of her new house.
In the book, Bella doesn't get anything from Renée in Jacksonville. In the movie, Renée gives Bella a quilt made of their road trip T-shirts.
Edward realizes how his protection of Bella from the wolves is purely causing her pain, and decides to tolerate them, remembering this happens when she is kidnapped and in his bed. He only tolerates their involvement after Riley visited Bella's house, and they decide to work together until they find out what is going on.
Bella visits Jacob two days after the battle. Bella visits Jacob right after Carlisle's surgery on him, on the same day of the battle.
In the book, Carlisle asks the Denali Coven to help fight the newborn army, but apparently Irina had a relationship with Laurent, and is angry because the wolf pack killed him, so they won't help. In the movie, the Cullens never asked anybody for help, and Irina and Laurent's relationship is never mentioned.
In the book, Jasper tells his history with the rest of the family around. He brings it up to Bella at the Cullen house. In the movie, Bella is the only other person there. This conversation takes place in the training field where the other Cullens and wolves were being trained.
In the book, Jasper and Maria do not have any type of romantic relationship, he only worships the ground she walks on. In the movie, Jasper says that he thought they were in love, but he says that he later found out that Maria was only using him to get what she wanted; she pulled the strings and Jasper was Maria's puppet.
In the book, Edward taunts Victoria to stay and fight by saying that James used her for her ability. In the movie, Edward taunts Victoria by telling her she'll never get a chance like this again, then provoking her by referring to how he killed James. He said "You want her. You want me to feel the pain you felt, when I killed James. When I tore him to pieces. When I turned him to into ash. When I turned him into NOTHING," which is also very effective.
The name of the newspaper in the book is called The Seattle Times. In the movie, the newspaper name is Washington Inquisitor.
In the book, Jasper does not attend school because he has graduated already, just like Rosalie and Emmett. In the movie, Jasper is seen in the lunch room with Alice, Bella, Edward and their human friends.
In the book, Billy and Jacob are also present at the Forks High School graduation ceremony for Bella. In the movie, it's only Charlie who's seen there for Bella.
In the book, Victoria tried to run away but was caught and killed by Edward. In the movie, she didn't run and continued to fight with Edward until he defeated her.
In the book, Edward beheaded and dismembered Victoria. In the movie, Edward only beheaded her.
In the book, both Victoria and Riley's remains were burned together. In the movie, Riley's remains were dragged over a hill and never recovered and only Victoria's body was shown being burning. It is unknown what happened to Riley's remains.
In the book, Edward used dried pine needles and a lighter to burn the remains of Victoria and Riley. In the movie, Edward drops a lighter on her.
In the book, Jacob received a wedding invitation for Bella and Edward's wedding and ran away furious. In the movie, this scene/part never occurred (moved to [Breaking Dawn the movie Part 1]
In the book, the word "ass" was never used when Jacob was apologizing to Bella. Jacob used "jerk". In the movie, it was. Jacob used it while apologizing to Bella at the graduation party.
In the book, the wolf pack had to convince Jacob to turn back into a human when he was hurt by the newborn because Carlisle didn't know how to set the bones of a wolf. In the movie, Jacob turned into a human again right away as if naturally.
In the book, Bella told Alice that it was Victoria behind the newborn army before graduation. Alice tries to keep it from Edward and she succeeds. In the movie, Bella told Edward that it was Victoria after she woke up from a nightmare.
In the book, Bella first met Leah in New Moon. In the movie, she first met Leah in Eclipse.
In the book, Bella helps Angela with addressing her high school graduation announcements. In the movie, they are at school and Bella asks Angela if she needs help with her graduation announcements.
In the book, Jacob gets hurt and is taken to his house. When Edward tells Bella the news, she faints and wakes up near the Cullens. In the movie, when Jacob gets hurt, Bella sees him lying on the field naked and shivering, and she gets goes to Jacob trying to comfort him.
In the book, Jasper doesn't approve of Bree and growls at her when she screams. Jasper seems to be trying to protect Bree as he stands next to her at the mention of her presence in the movie.
In the book, Billy and old Quil say more about the Quileute legends with the spirit warriors and how they got the power to shape-shift into the wolf. In the movie, only Billy talks and he only speaks about the wolves and the story of the third wife.
In the book, Alice keeps her mind busy on other more complicated subjects to keep certain other characters from finding out her plans. In the movie, nothing on this subject is discussed at all.
In the book, Jacob comes to get Riley's scent and stays to ask Bella questions. In the movie, Jacob's presence is featured right after he picked up Riley's scent.
In the book, it is mentioned that Quil imprinted on Emily's two year old niece Claire. Which is important because it is used as foreshadowing for Breaking Dawn. In the movie, this is not mentioned at all.
In the book, Jacob mentions how he will not be able to age until he gains enough control to stop phasing. In the movie, this is not mentioned.
In the book, after Bella sees Jacob and leaves, she spends the whole night crying. She tells herself that she will never let Edward see her cry for Jacob again. In the movie, this is not mentioned.
In the book, Edward gives Bella college applications for her to fill out. In the movie, this never happens.
In the book, Bella gets accepted into the University of Alaska, and Charlie asks Edward what his plans are. Edward tells him he's been accepted into Harvard, Dartmouth and the University of Alaska. Charlie questions what Carlisle is happy for Edward to do, and Edward tells him he's happy with his choices. Bella then says she was accepted into the University of Alaska, and Edward and her exchange grins. In the movie, this never happens.
In the book, the first time you see Edward is when he comes to Bella's house to give her college applications. In the movie, it is in the meadow, and Bella is studying for her English essay.
In the book, Bella tells Edward that the reason the werewolves are there is because the Cullens appear. In the movie, this is not mentioned.
In the book, Carlisle and Edward both go to check on Jacob after the encounter with the Volturi. In the movie, only Carlisle goes. However Bella is outside waiting to see him.
In the book, Bella mentioned there were hot dogs, chips, and root beer at the camp fire. In the movie, when Jacob and Bella arrived at the bonfire, Seth told them there were burgers to eat. There might have been others food and drinks too.
In the book, Jacob went to Bella's when Edward left, and he kept popping up in places scaring Bella while she was doing the dishes, and she kept dropping dish water everywhere. Jacob decided to make it up to her by rinsing and drying the dishes, and while he was doing that he asked her a question. So he wouldn't yell or scream he was squeezing his hand. He forgot he had a knife in his hand and cut himself, and Bella started getting dizzy from the smell of blood. Jacob explained to her that werewolves heal fast. In the movie, this never happened.
In the book, Riley has blond hair. In the movie, Riley's hair is brown.
In the book, when Edward finds out that Jacob forcibly kissed on Bella, Edward threatens him in a low, calm voice. In the movie, Edward threatens Jacob by yelling and shouting at him in an uncontrolled voice.
In the book, Edward has a mock-fight with Jasper. In the movie, Edward fights with Carlisle when they were training instead.
In the book, Edward tells Bella that the Volturi are finally coming. In the movie, she finds out from Alice, who is telling the rest of the Cullens that they have two minutes.
In the book, Charlie makes dinner for him and Bella and tells her during the dinner that she's no longer grounded. In the movie, it is when Bella comes home at 4:00 from being in the meadow with Edward.
In the book, when Alice is training she said in the book "Gotcha" and kisses Jasper on the neck. In the movie, Alice didn't say anything and she kissed Jasper on the lips not the neck.
In the book, Rosalie was attacked by five men. In the movie, Rosalie was attacked by four men.
In the book, Bella expresses her extreme sorrow and guilt for having to reject Jacob. She later cries about her decision, with Edward comforting her. In the movie, she simply tells Jacob her choice, and the latter does not happen.
In the book, Nettie's hair is blonde. In the movie, her hair is black.
Edward is calm and only slightly glances at Jacob when Bella breaks her hand punching Jacob after kissing her. Edward is furious and threatening Jacob, and Charlie comes to calm them down.
In the book, Bella wants Edward to hurt Jacob for kissing her and making her break her hand. In the movie, Bella doesn't want either of them to fight over the kiss or her breaking her hand.
In the book, Quil Ateara Sr . helps Billy to tell the stories of the spirit warriors. In the movie, though present, Quil Sr. doesn't actually say anything.
In the book, Edward gives Bella a biker's jacket and helmet for her bike riding with Jacob. In the movie, Bella never rides her bike.
In the book, Edward doesn't say anything about Jacob not having a shirt on. Edward makes a joke about Jacob because he doesn't have a shirt on. His remark is "Doesn't he own a shirt?"
In the book, Jacob starts growing his hair and is shaggier than the other wolves because he believes that Bella liked him better with long hair. In the movie, Jacob has the same hair style from New Moon.
In the book, Edward tells Bella about Embry possibly being Jacob, Sam, or Quil's half-brother In the movie, Edward doesn't say anything about Embry's parentage.
In the book, to keep Charlie safe during the fight, Billy and he go fishing on Quil Sr.'s boat. In the movie, Alice mentions that Charlie is going fishing.
In the book, the council meeting between the Quileute tribe takes place at a mountain top. In the movie, it takes place in Jacob's backyard.
In the book, Edward tells Bella about the Leah, Sam, and Emily triangle. In the movie, Jacob makes a brief comment about it. This is when Bella learns about imprinting and asked subtly if Jacob had imprinted on her to where Jacob comes back with "You'd know if I had."
In the book, Bella doesn't mention belonging in a vampire world, but expresses her liking of it in Breaking Dawn. In the movie, Bella tells Edward that she's never felt like she belonged in a human world, but felt welcome in a vampire one. She also says that this was her reason for wanting to become a vampire; saying it wasn't just about Edward.
In the book, Bella goes to see Jacob after Edward and Carlisle leave La Push. In the movie, Bella arrives at Jacob's house right after the Volturi scene. When Bella arrives, Carlisle is just leaving. Edward is not seen there.
In the book, Jacob wears a strap around his leg to carry his shorts. He also explains to Bella how it's easier to carry a single pair of shorts than an entire outfit. In the movie, Jacob isn't seen wearing a strap and he never gives his explanation.
In the book, Bella calls Edward and tells him about Jacob kissing her. He arrives at her home after. In the movie, Edward arrives at her home at the same time with Jacob and Bella. He already knows about the kissing.
In the book, Mike Newton starts to unsuccessfully style his hair like Edward's. In the movie, this is never shown.
In the book, Kim was at the bonfire. In the movie, she wasn't there.

In the book, Ben Cheney and Angela Weber are a couple and Eric's girlfriend is Katie Marshall.

In the movie, Ben and Katie don't exist and Angela is with Eric.
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