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"He killed my mother. I knew he did!"
"And how is it do you think that you know?"
―Edgar and Alice.[src]

Edgar John Brandon is the husband of Lillian Brandon, and later Anna-Marie Brandon, and Cynthia Brandon and Alice Cullen's father. He was a jeweler and a pearl trader.

He is portrayed by John Emmet Tracy in The Mary Alice Brandon File.


The Mary Alice Brandon File[]

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"There is not a cloud in the sky, Mary Alice."
"It's going to rain. I know it is."
"Well, you are always right."
―Edgar, Alice and Lillian[src]

Edgar's wedding.

Edgar was married to Lillian Brandon and they had two children: Mary Alice Brandon and Cynthia Brandon. They lived in Biloxi, Mississippi. Alice was born with the gift of subjective precognition, but Edgar was never fond of her gift, unlike his wife.

In Alice's late teenage years, Edgar had his wife murdered to marry a blonde Yankee from Illinois, Anna-Marie. On the day of his wedding, Alice suspected Anna-Marie was already planning the wedding before Lillian was killed and asked her father. This instantly triggered a vision where she saw her father pay her mother's murderer to kill her, and she realized the truth. Knowing he could kill her, he had her committed to a mental asylum to hide the truth.

Physical appearance[]

Edgar was lanky and had thin cheekbones. His eyes and hair were dark brown. As a businessman of the early 19th century, he often wore a professional outfit.

Personality and traits[]

Edgar was loved by his family and appeared to be a hardworking man. Unfortunately, underneath the face of the man hid the heart of a selfish beast, who would take ruthless measures to obtain what he wanted, including harming the ones he supposedly cared about. He had always felt embarrassed and disturbed by Alice's visions, calling her out whenever he did not want to hear her stories.


Alice's father did not have a name in the Twilight Saga. The name "Edgar John" was merely created for the short film, derived from a fan correspondent named Jennifer Spiteri, who found the name "Edgar" popular in the late 1880s. The middle name "John" was decided by the actor, John Emmet Tracy.[1]

Film portrayal[]

John Emmet Tracy

Edgar John Brandon is portrayed by John Emmet Tracy in the short movie, The Mary Alice Brandon File.

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