Elliott Young is a young man from the Makah tribe, Samantha Uley's boyfriend, and Lee and Sarah Clearwater's second cousin. His Twilight Saga counterpart is Emily Young.


Early life

Elliott grew up on the Makah reservation. As a child, he was told stories about the Quileute legends, but always dismissed them. Elliott and Lee Clearwater are second cousins, but as children were as close as brothers. Sam dated Lee throughout high school, and they were very fond of each other.

Sam imprinted on Elliott when she saw him for the first time since she first phased. This caused conflict between the two cousins and ruined their friendship. His family is closely tied to the pack—Lee and Sarah being wolves. After Sam imprinted on Elliott, he didn't accept her because of her relationship with Lee. Even after he found out about her newfound wolf form and new abilities, he still brushed off her advances, trying to convince her to return to Lee's arms. He eventually developed feelings for her himself and gave in.


Samantha Uley

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Sam Uley is Elliott's imprinter and girlfriend. When she was still human and dating Lee, they had met many times. Elliott found her quite likeable.

After Sam became a shape-shifter, everything turned upside down as she imprinted on Elliott and broke up with Lee for him. Elliott rejected her pursuits everyday, even after she told him the truth and the development of his own feelings.

In the end, he gave in and decided to give their relationship a shot.


His existence is only mentioned in an interview on NOVL.[1]


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