Erica Yorkie is a classmate of Beau Swan's. Like many other girls at school, she develops feelings for him on his first day at school, even though he does not return any of them other than Edythe Cullen's. Her Twilight Saga counterpart is Eric Yorkie.


Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

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Erica is the first person to meet Beau at Forks High School. She is immediately interested in Beau when he moved to Forks, as are many of the girls at school. She is resentful of fellow classmate's, McKayla Newton, similar interest in Beau.

On a weekend, she joins the group of students who go down to La Push for fun, where Julie Black tells Beau the stories about her tribe and the cold ones. She later asks Beau to the spring dance, to which he declines.

Physical appearance

Erica is described as being of Asian descent, with a skinny body, has hair "as black as an oil slick," brown eyes, and poor complexion.

Personality and traits

Erica is constantly trying for Beau's attention, competing with many of her fellow classmates, notably McKayla and Taylor.


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