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List of filming locations throughout the movie franchise.

Carver Cafe

Carver Cafe

Carver Cafe - Damascus, OR

Main article: The Lodge

The Carver Cafe was used as the local casual dining restaurant in Forks, and plays the part of The Lodge as mentioned in the books. According to their website: It has pretty much always been a restaurant since opening in the late 50’s. It was built by a husband and wife who lived in the house that is still behind the café. He was injured in a logging accident and as a result of that, the family was forced to find a different income. So, the café was just that and ran by his wife. It’s always been some kind of restaurant but a lot of locals talk about their memories of it as a donut shop.[1]

The View Point Inn

Viewpoint Inn 01

Viewpoint Inn - Near Portland, OR

The View Point Inn is just 22 miles from downtown Portland, Oregon, near Crown Point, nestled high on a one acre bluff, with a panoramic view of the entire Columbia River Gorge, the city lights of Portland, and Vancouver. This is where the prom scenes were filmed for Twilight. According to their website: This 1924 world class boutique hotel and fine dining restaurant serves lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. The Inn has celebrated Presidents, Hollywood Motion Picture Stars and European Royalty and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Available for banquets, private parties, weddings and special events.[2] In 2011, a fire destroyed the building. Due to lack of funding, there are no plans to repair or reopen it.

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon


Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

This is where the deer hunt in the prologue of Twilight is filmed, as well as some shots of Bella with Edward in the treetops.[3]

Vernonia, Oregon (aka: Forks, Washington)

Forks PD Streetview lg

Wauna Federal Credit Union (aka: Forks Police Station)

Much of the filming of "Forks, WA" was actually done in Vernonia, OR[4]. The picture shown here is the Google® maps street view of the Wauna Federal Credit Union building in Vernonia, which was used as the Forks Police Station during filming. Clearly visible in this view are two additional distinctive landmarks, aside from the building itself, which are seen in the movie Twilight when Edward and Bella are returning to town from Port Angeles. The telephone pole, and the side street that Edward turns onto before pulling into the police station at Bella's request. The house in "Forks" where Bella lives with her father Charlie is about 20 miles east of Vernonia by the Washington border in Saint Helens, at 184 South 6th Street.

Kalama and Madison High Schools (aka: Forks High School)

Kalama high

Kalama High School

Forks High School was actually a combination of two different schools. Kalama High School in Kalama, WA was used for the exterior shots of the school - such as the pivotal parking lot scene in which Edward first shows his superhuman speed and strength.[4] The cafeteria scenes were shot at Madison High School in Portland, OR, which was also a location used for Gus Van Sant's 2007 independent film "Paranoid Park." [5]

The Oregon City Mill (aka: Grisham Mill)

BlueHeron 01

Blue Heron Paper Co. at The Oregon City Mill

Located about 15 miles south of Portland, Oregon on the Willamette River, this was the filming location for the scene in Twilight where James' Coven attack and kill a security guard at Grisham Mill. It is also notable that William Friedkin’s "The Hunted" was filmed here as well.[4]

Indian Beach (aka: First Beach, LaPush, Washington)


Indian Beach, Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park, which is identified in the photo, is in Cannon Beach, Oregon - not Washington. This is the location used as the surfing spot for the high school kids of Forks. The picture shown is quite recognizable as the location used in Twilight where Jacob tells Bella the Quileute legends involving their wolf origins and the "cold ones". This location was also used in the filming of Steven Spielberg’s "1941" and "The Goonies," as well as the surfing movie "Point Break".[4]


Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, BC

Long Beach is located in Pacific Rim National Park,[6] British Columbia.

For the movies after Twilight, the filming location for LaPush beach was moved up the coast to Vancouver Island. This is the place where Bella says to Jacob "so you're a werewolf" in New Moon. Jacob and Bella walk through the outcrops at Incinerator Rock to Long Beach. This a top beach for surfers in Canada due in part to large and consistent waves.

Other locations were used around the park[7] situated between the scenic towns of Tofino and Ucluelet. Members of the Quileute tribe play soccer on a beach in Breaking Dawn - Part 1. This is the scene where Jacob, Leah, Embry and Seth discuss the pros and cons of imprinting and of being an Alpha.

Olde Towne District, Saint Helens, Oregon (aka: Port Angeles, Washington)

Sthelens oregon 01

Saint Helens, Oregon

This is where the scenes in "Port Angeles" are filmed for Twilight.

  • The "Petite Jolie" dress shop, where Angela & Jessica pick out their prom dresses, is actually the Angel Hair Salon at 251 South 1st Street.[4]
  • The "Thunderbird and Whale" book store, where Bella buys her vampire research material, is actually a private office building at 260 South 2nd Street.[4]
  • Behind the bookstore site is the alleyway where Edward swoops in to rescue Bella from her would-be attackers, on 1st Street.[4]
  • The "Bloated Toad" Italian Restaurant, where Edward opens up to Bella, is actually a construction company at 333 South 1st Street.[4]

Coquitlam, British Columbia (aka: LaPush, Washington)

Black residence

Coquitlam, BC

The scenes with Jacob and Billy Black's residence were filmed in Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver, BC. The private residence is in clear view from the street and it's on a corner lot located at Victoria Drive, Gilleys Trail and Quarry Road. The house was painted red to match the color in the book prior to filming.

A little further along the road is Minnekhada Regional Park.[8] A number of the outdoor scenes from Eclipse were filmed here.

Vancouver, British Columbia


Sun Tower, Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is used as a stand-in for Seattle. Bella is seen parking and getting out of a Volvo while she is on her way to see J.Jenks. The Sun Tower Building[9] at the end of Beatty Street was built in 1912 and is a recognizable landmark.[10] The scene was filmed at 513 Beatty Street, a few steps from the underground Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station.

Rosalie runs into Royce King and his drunk friends in Rochester, New York on the last day of her human life. In Rosalie's flashback, it's possible to see glimpses of the Hotel Vancouver and the Vancouver Art Gallery[11] (Rattenbury building or former courthouse). The filming took place on Hornby Street, just south of West Georgia Street in the middle of the night.

Edward is seen in a flashback scene watching a black and white horror film inside an ornate classical theatre in Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Edward gets out of his seat to save a lady by hunting the man who was about to follow her down a stairwell. The Orpheum Theatre[12] is located at 601 Smithe Street, and has an iconic sign and an alternate entrance around the corner at 870 Granville Street.

Stanley Park[13] is situated on a 1,000 acre [404 hectare] peninsula. Filming took place in the interior of the heavily forested park. The park contains a number of totem poles, a 9 kilometre seawall, a lighthouse, several beaches and an aquarium.[14]

West Vancouver, British Columbia (aka: Cullen House, WA)

Whytecliff Park Islet

Whytecliff Park

The Cullen House used for New Moon (only) is located in West Vancouver. This is a private residence located in the British Properties at 118 Stevens Drive. It's on a heavily wooded half acre lot, it's possible to get a better view of the corner property from Deep Dene Road. The building layout is nothing like the original Cullen house in Twilight. There are other differences as well such as the main driveway at the rear of the property. The property was reported to have been sold for $3.3 million after filming was completed.[15]

Whytecliff Park[16] was used for the cliff diving scene and for other scenes in New Moon. Victoria dives into the ocean here after being chased by werewolves. Whyte Islet at high tide can be seen right behind where she hits the water. The scenic park located at the entrance to Howe Sound is a very popular underwater diving spot and a wild seal habitat. The music video for the Eclipse title track "all yours'" by metric has a few glimpses of the park.

Squamish, British Columbia


Stawamus Chief Mountain

This is where the rock climbing scenes from Breaking Dawn - Part 2 were filmed. The steep granite cliffs of Stawamus Chief Provincial Park are just outside of Squamish. The wedding ceremony and reception in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 were also filmed in the area.

A full-scale Cullen house was constructed near Squamish on a private 50-acre property, complete with a river. The house can be seen in the farewell scene and in a number of the outdoor scenes in the Breaking Dawn movies. The house been since demolished.[17]

The indoor scenes for Breaking Dawn were filmed at another Cullen house built inside a sound stage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana against a green screen. The forest was later digitally added.[18]

District of North Vancouver, British Columbia


Mount Seymour

A number of the camping mountaintop scenes in Eclipse were filmed on Mount Seymour.[19]

This peak can be seen clearly from many locations across Vancouver. A road winds up the peak to a ski resort and it's a popular spot for hiking. The western tip of Vancouver can be seen far in the background in the scene where Jacob carries Bella up to the campsite prepared by Edward. The snow covered mountaintop fight scenes with Victoria and Riley were done in studio.

Bella's cliff diving scene included footage from the Cleveland Dam.[20] This location is easily reached from the park beside Capilano Road and Nancy Greene Way. There's also a great view of the mountains over Capilano Lake.

Widgeon Slough, Pitt River, BC (aka: LaPush Reservation, WA)


Pitt River, BC

Jacob and Bella try out their rebuilt motorbikes on a dirt road beside the marsh in New Moon. Edward appears in this scene as a vision to Bella. In Eclipse Bella remarks "it's so pretty here". Jacob later kisses Bella against her wishes. The marsh is shown in the opening credits in Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

It's possible to access Widgeon Slough from the east side of the Pitt River by boat. The Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area[21] at the north end of Rannie Road has a boat launch and canoe rentals. Widgeon Slough[22] is on the west side of Siwash Island along the Pitt River. There is a gated private dirt road that goes to the slough on the west side of the river. The Battlestar Galactica episode Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II was also filmed here.[23]

Port Moody, British Columbia

Sasamat lake

Sasamat Lake

A number of outdoor scenes were filmed in Belcarra Regional Park[24] in Port Moody for Eclipse.

The Riley-led newborn vampire army emerges from the cold waters of Sasamat Lake according to reports.[25] This freshwater lake is actually a little warmer than the ocean. In Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Irina is reported[18] to be on a ridge within Belcarra Regional Park. While the park appears to be fairly close to Vancouver, it does take a little time to reach as it can only be accessed by travelling around the end tip of Burrard Inlet.

Paramount Theatre, New Westminster, BC (aka: Port Angeles, WA)


Paramount Theatre, New Westminster

Bella, Jacob and Mike Newton talk on the street in front of a theatre in New Moon before seeing the movie Face Punch. On an earlier night out, Jessica and Bella walk out of same the theatre after seeing a zombie flick. Bella takes up a motorcyclist's offer and hops on for a short ride.

The Paramount Theatre building is located at 652 Columbia Street. It's now just a former theatre that has been turned into a strip club. The Paramount is easy to get to, it's a few blocks between the New Westminster and Columbia Skytrain stations. Bella and Jessica are seen walking around the corner from the theatre down McKenzie Street to Front Street in the direction of the motorcyclists.

This theatre and adjecent street was used in the Stephen King film It (1990).

Ridge Theatre, Vancouver, BC (aka: Port Angeles, WA)


Ridge Theatre, Vancouver, BC

The interior theatre scenes in New Moon were filmed at the Ridge. Mike Newton, Bella and Jacob sit in the front row seats and listen to a gun battle. Mike feels sick and rushes to the men's room. The iconic doors to the main theatre are seen when Jacob and Bella walk out into the foyer. Here Bella takes a seat on the steps with Jacob. Mike joins them later in the scene.

The Ridge Theatre is located at 3113 Arbutus Street. This theatre opened in April 1950 and had a long and varied history. In November 2012 it was possible to see Breaking Dawn - Part 2 played at the Ridge from the seat right next to where Jacob sat in the New Moon scene. The theatre had its final show [26] on February 3, 2013 and it was torn down[27] to make way for condos[28].

Steveston, BC

The fishing village of Steveston situated in Richmond, BC was a used as location in New Moon. Riley was pursued and bitten by Victoria on the dock in front of the historic Gulf of Georgia Cannery.[29] The restaurant and narrow streets where Riley was first chased by Victoria are in the Gastown district in Vancouver.

David Thompson High School, Vancouver, BC (aka: Forks High School)


David Thompson Secondary School

In New Moon and Eclipse, the Forks High School scenes were shot at David Thompson Secondary School at 1755 East 55th Avenue in Vancouver.[15]

The original Twilight film was filmed in Oregon, see the section on the Kalama and Madison High Schools. The exterior shots in New Moon were filmed in a Vancouver area parking lot and the original high school building was later digitally added.

Pemberton, BC (aka: Denali, Alaska)

The Denali house scenes were filmed up in the mountains around Pemberton, BC. It's a two hour drive north of Vancouver or about half an hour from Whistler. The making of Breaking Dawn Part 2 documentary mentioned the complications caused by filming this outdoor scene under clear sunny conditions. Cloudy weather would have been ideal, as there were 6 vampires who needed to avoid direct sunlight (no sparkling, no post-production except for Renesmee). The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008) movie was also filmed[30] in the Pemberton area.[31]

Porteau Cove, BC


Porteau Road, BC

Bella is spotted driving back from Seattle along a winding road by the sea. The footage is taken from the off ramp to Porteau Road on the Sea-to-Sky highway (BC-99) between Vancouver and Squamish. The exit is around the 94 km mark on the road and there's a convenient parking lot located northeast of the overpass. It's easy to spot the two 80 km/hour road signs that made it into final theatrical release of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio sights

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Breaking Dawn - Part 1 honeymoon scenes depicting Rio de Janeiro were really filmed on location in Rio de Janeiro . The establishing shots include footage of the landmark Cristo Redentor statue (Corcovado) and the Carioca Aqueduct (Arcos da Lapa). Edward and Bella hop out of their taxi to dance at a street party at 77 Avenida Mem de Sá and Rua do Lavrádio, located just down the street from the aqueduct. Edward's motorboat is shown in an aerial view speeding off the shore of Leblon and Ipanema Beach. A brief shot of Rio de Janeiro also appears in New Moon when Edward phones Bella's house. The filming location for Isle Esme is approximately 200km west of Rio de Janeiro in Paraty, Brazil.

Additional locations

  • The Phoenix, Arizona scenes were actually filmed around Santa Clarita in southern California, about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles.[4]
  • Bella's mom's house is located at 22301 Cataro Drive in Santa Clarita.[32]
  • The hotel in Phoenix where Bella, Jasper, and Alice hide out - is really the Hyatt Valencia at 24500 Town Center Drive, Valencia, California.[4]
  • Cascade falls6b

    Cascade Falls, BC

    The Beautiful Cullen home - coffin, dungeon, and moat free - is a private home, the M1 Residence, a cantilevered glass and wood creation by Skylab Architects in Forest Park, Portland.[4]
  • Cascade Falls Regional Park[33] in Mission, BC has the high waterfall that Bella (or a digital stunt double) jumps over in the Breaking Dawn Part 2 hunting scene. Vistors and mere mortals should stick to the marked trails.
  • The eco-conscious school trip is to Clackamas Community College, 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, just south of Portland.[4]
  • A replica of Bella's house was built in Surrey, BC and used in New Moon and in subsequent films. The house has since been dismantled. The empty lot and surrounding forest is on 28th Avenue near 188th Street. [15]
  • In New Moon Bella takes a plunge at the Outdoor Swimming Pool at Central Park[34] located in Burnaby, BC. The pool is on the east side of Boundary Road, across from East 46th Avenue in Vancouver.


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