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Jacob and Bella at First Beach

First Beach is a beach located in La Push.

In Twilight, the beach is described as being covered with stones, with only a small strip of sand by the sea and large driftwood trees near the tide. There are said to be tidal pools on the beach which Bella fell into often as a child when visiting Charlie.


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In Twilight, Jacob tells Bella the Quileute legends about the Cold Ones, the Cullens, on First Beach when she and her friends from high school come there to go hiking and surfing. Bella does not surf; however she goes for a hike with Mike, Tyler and Eric and falls over, scraping her hands. She sees some seagulls, pelicans and an eagle and Mike shows her a driftwood fire.

New Moon[]

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In New Moon Bella and Jacob often go for walks on the beach, and Jacob promises to take her cliff diving there. However, Jacob had not anticipated his transformation into a shape-shifter, and Bella is left alone on the day she decides to go cliff diving, causing her to almost drown until Jacob saves her.