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The state of Florida.

The state of Florida is located in the southeastern region of the United States, bordering Alabama to the northwest and Georgia to the north. It was the 27th state admitted to the United States. Much of the land mass of the state is a large peninsula with the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. It is nicknamed the "Sunshine State" because of its generally warm climate — subtropical in the northern and central regions of the state, with a true tropical climate in the southern portion. The state has four large urban areas, a number of smaller industrial cities, and many small towns. The United States Census bureau estimates that the state population was 18,328,340 in 2008, ranking Florida as the fourth most populous state in the U.S. Tallahassee is the state capital, Jacksonville is the largest city, and the Miami metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area. Also, it is known to be the state where Disney World is located, in Orlando, Florida.

In the series[]


The city of Jacksonville is where Bella's mother, Renee and stepfather, Phil live. Bella and Edward visit them in Eclipse, but Bella finds the weather too hot and muggy.

In Twilight, Renee is determined to convince Bella to move to Jacksonville after her 'accident'. Charlie says that Bella should go to Jacksonville to live with her mother, after Bella and Edward break up in New Moon.

In the movie Renee states that Florida is "always nice and sunny". It is here in sunny Jacksonville, Florida that Renee and Bella talk about the 'bond' that she and Edward share.

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