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Forks, Washington is the location Stephenie Meyer chose as the primary setting for her Twilight series. It is a small town with a small population, located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington and is one of the rainiest locations in the United States.[1]


Forks is located in Clallam County in the Olympic Peninsula. The city was incorporated on August 28, 1945 directly following the election of the town members and officials. It is considered a small city with the population being reported as 3,545 in the 2012 estimate from the office of financial management. The city got its name from the forks in the Quillayute, Bogachiel, Calawah, and Sol Duc rivers.

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Contrary to popular belief, Forks is not well known for the fishing industry. In the past Forks was well known for its large timber industry, but in recent years the industry has declined. Currently the largest economic revenue in the town comes from the nearby Clallam Bay Corrections Center and the Olympic Corrections Center. Prior to the release of the Twilight Saga books and movies most of Forks tourist income came from sport fishers that came to the area to fish for salmon and rainbow trout in the surrounding rivers and visitors to the Olympic National Park.


Since the release of the Twilight Saga books and movies tourism in the city have more than tripled increasing the revenue for the city. Main tourist attractions now are Forks High School, Bella's truck, the diner, and Charlie's house. Before the famed Cullen house was sold it was a major tourist attraction as well. It is thought that the new owner will open it to the public in the very near future.

In the series

The fictional Chief of Police is Charlie Swan. There is a high school called Forks High School, a small public library, and a number of stores, including Newton's Olympic Outfitters, which is run by the Newton family and where Bella Swan was at one time an employee. A restaurant known as The Lodge is a favorite of Charlie Swan's. Forks also has a hospital, Forks Hospital, where Carlisle Cullen works.

As portrayed in the Twilight Saga books and films Forks has a very rainy climate. Surrounded by the Olympic rainforest, it is considered to be an Oceanic Climate but it also has the temperate rainforest climate which is what brings the high levels of rainfall that the town experiences. Even during the Summer when the city experiences a drying trend the rainfall is still abundant. Forks, Washington usually has an average of 212 days out of the year with a measurable amount of precipitation, most of which being rain. 


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