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Forks Community Hospital's official logo.

Forks Community Hospital is where Carlisle Cullen, Dr. Gerandy, Dr. Snow and Brett Warner work.


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In Twilight, Bella, Edward and Tyler are taken to the hospital after Tyler nearly hits Bella with his van. Bella has to wear a neck brace, which she finds humiliating.

Rosalie, Carlisle and Edward at the hospital.

After she is attacked by James, Bella ends up in the hospital once more, with four broken ribs, a broken leg, cracks in her skull, and extensive blood loss and bruises. However, she is not taken to Forks hospital but to a hospital in Phoenix.

New Moon[]

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In New Moon, Carlisle offers to take Bella to the hospital to bandage her arm, but she refuses. Later, after crashing her motorcycle, Bella is taken to the hospital and needs seven stitches on her forehead. Jacob holds her hand while Dr. Snow sews.

When the Cullens return to Forks, the hospital eagerly welcomes Carlisle back, delighted that Esme had "found life in L.A. so little to her liking".


In the movie, there is a sign saying "Sleep Disorder CTR." in the hospital.

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