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The French coven is a vampire coven that appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. This coven does not exist in the books. It only has two members: Henri and Yvette.

Melissa Rosenberg states in an interview that the Volturi is trying to collect them, most possibly for their "gifts".[1][2][3]

Both Melissa Rosenberg and Stephenie Meyer talked about the backgrounds of both Henri and Yvette, providing information about their lives both as humans and vampires.


This coven is sought out by the Volturi to witness as they do "justice" on the Cullen family, who are accused of creating an immortal child, who later turns out to be a vampire hybrid. During the confrontation, Henri and Yvette remain in the background as the Volturi leaders and the Cullens exchange information and discuss the matters at hand; whether they should allow the hybrid Renesmee Cullen live or risk letting her expose them to the human world in the future. The couple seem affected by Aro's words about the risk; however, once they are proven that the child poses no threat to their secret, everyone leaves the clearing, including this coven.


  • Henri: The dark-skinned African leader of the coven.
  • Yvette: The other member of the coven, and Henri's mate.