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"Is she human?"
"Does she know?"
"Then why would...? She wants to be."
"And so she will be."
"Or dessert."
Bella, Edward, Demetri, and Jane on Gianna[src]

Gianna (pronounced JAH-nah) was a woman employed as a secretary for the Volturi. She knew what the Volturi were and what they did and, similar to Bella, hoped to become a vampire. She is almost immediately thought to be an idiot by Edward and Alice Cullen in New Moon. It seemed like Alice didn't like her, as she shot a dark look towards her.

She is portrayed by Justine Wachsberger in the movie adaptation of New Moon.


New Moon[]


"Buon pomeriggio."
―Gianna's only phrase in the movie[src]

Gianna is first introduced in New Moon when Bella, Edward, and Alice enter the Volturi's palace being led by Jane, Demetri, and Felix. She welcomes the Volturi members back and Felix shoots her a wink. She doesn't say much to Alice, Bella, or Edward, but winks back at Felix.

She is seen again before they leave, and Alice and Edward show their complete dislike for her. She doesn't seem to mind though, and is under the delusion that the Volturi will actually see some use in her and change her into a vampire instead of killing her.

Gianna only appeared once in the movie and was barely mentioned by name. She was seen greeting Edward, Bella, and Alice as Jane was taking them to the Volturi Hall. In this scene, Edward explained briefly to Bella about her and her intention of becoming a vampire. Demetri interrupted this conversation by saying that she will become a vampire, but Jane added, "Or dessert."

Even though she knew exactly their activities, she still wanted to join them. Bella was disturbed by it. When Bella heard the screams from the human victims, she was in shock and her body started to shake; Gianna looked concerned and asked Edward if she could get or do anything for her. Edward told her no.

Sadly for Gianna, the Volturi didn't find her skills as valuable as her blood.

Physical appearance[]

Gianna was described 5'6" tall, with long, black hair and olive-toned skin, as well as being humanly beautiful, but nowhere near as beautiful as the vampires she was employed by. In the movie, her hair was dark brown with lighter highlights, and her eyes were blue.

Behind the scenes[]

"Or dessert."
―Jane upon hearing Demetri say "so she will be", after Bella realized Gianna wanted to become a vampire.[src]

Stephenie Meyer revealed in an interview that Gianna did not survive to join the Volturi, but was killed to sustain them instead.

In the films, she is replaced by Valentina and then Bianca.

Film portrayal[]

Justine Wachsberger

In New Moon, Gianna is portrayed by Justine Wachsberger.