Guri Weinberg appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Stefan.


Guri was born in August 1972 in Israel. When he was on a month old his father was murdered. His father was Moshe Weinberg a wrestling coach who was the coach for the Israeli Wrestling Team for the 1972 olympics. Members of the PLO or "Black September" snuck into the Olympic Village in the middle of the night and took 11 people hostage. They killed Guri's father leaving him fatherless at only a month old. Then they threw his father's naked body onto the streets to make a spectacle for the press. The other athletes were murdered shortly after. Guri and his mother lived in Montreal and New York where he learned English. When he was in high school they moved to L.A.

He met his wife Tammy Lauren , an American actress, who talked him into following his passion for painting, photography and writing. At 33, he was asked to play his father in "Munich " which played out his father's murder on screen.

He auditioned for Breaking Dawn and was offered the role of Stefan. He started a charity after his GFYS story became famous. He and his wife run it. GFYS has a site and a twitter where you can find more information and GFYS merchandise. GFYS Twitter

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