"The bears won't get a drop on me, Bella. My kung fu's strong."

Harry Clearwater was a tribal elder of the Quileute tribe, husband of Sue Clearwater, and father of Seth and Leah Clearwater. He was also a close friend of Charlie Swan's, the two of them sharing a love of fishing. Harry was happily married to Sue until he died of cardiac arrest in 2006. His Life and Death counterpart is Holly Clearwater.

He is portrayed by Graham Greene in the movie adaptation.



Harry is mentioned by Billy Black both in the film and the novel adaptation of Twilight, when Billy drops by the Swan's house to give Charlie some of Harry Clearwater's famous "fish fry."

New Moon


Harry, attacked by Victoria before his cardiac arrest.

In New Moon, Harry is first mentioned when he and his family are at the spaghetti dinner at the Blacks' house with Bella and Charlie. That night, his wife Sue teased him about his cholesterol and unsuccessfully tried to shame him into eating something "green and leafy".

Bella is conveniently able to send her father Charlie Swan to Harry's when she needs time alone with Edward. While Charlie is at the Clearwaters', he figures out that Harry had been having heart problems, but Harry manages to joke about it and make it appear insignificant.

When Bella finally learns that Jacob is a shape-shifter, Harry and Billy help keep Charlie out of range of Victoria who is killing hikers in the vicinity. On the morning of Bella's cliff diving expedition, Harry suffers a fatal heart attack and dies. There had been theories regarding Harry's death, the first being that the sudden transformation of Seth and Leah into wolves provoked his heart attack and subsequent death,[1] and the second being that their transformation was caused by the shock of losing their father. It was confirmed in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide that it was Leah's unexpected transformation that caused his heart attack while Seth's transformation was caused by the shock of his death.

In the New Moon film, his heart attack was the result of an encounter with Victoria. He saw Victoria stand behind the unsuspecting Charlie and tried to shoot her, but she caught him before he could fire his gun. Jacob pushed her out of the way and Harry landed on the ground when his heart attack began. Charlie found him and tried to help him to no avail. Jacob later told Bella that he was "gone."


His seat on the Quileute Council was filled by his wife Sue, who would take care of the humans who learned about the shape-shifters' world.

Film portrayal

Graham Greene

Graham Greene

Graham Greene portrays Harry Clearwater in the film  adaptation of New Moon.


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