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"Yes, they do look rather juicy."
―Heidi to Demetri.[src]

Heidi is a member of the Volturi guard. She is the one who brings humans to them, to satisfy their thirst, with her ability to attract people. Her way of dressing has earned her the appellation of "fisher" and "bait".

Heidi's main responsibility in the Volturi is arranging elaborate ploys to bring human victims to Volterra. She might orchestrate a contest where the prize is an all-expenses-paid vacation to some random location, such as Hawaii or Spain, or a job position with an amazing salary. Most of the victims never hear the word Volterra, and don't even know they are being taken to Italy. She uses numerous jets, other vehicles, and props in her efforts to attract. Once a victim has met Heidi, it is difficult for him or her to refuse any invitation from her.

She is portrayed by Noot Seear in the movie adaptation of New Moon.


Early life[]

Heidi was born in Germany and had a hard, mistreated life. She came across a vampire named Hilda, who decided to change her out of pity. Heidi had since lived long happy years with her coven (which was gradually expanded by the involvements of Mary, Victoria, Anne and Noela). During her time with her coven, she discovered her ability to appeal to others with her charm, causing humans to easily fall prey and vampires to find her extremely attractive. Her coven's newest member, Noela, was still a newborn when the Volturi accused them for attracting too much attention with their large coven. In truth, Aro wanted to acquire Heidi for his "collection" because of her gift. Right after Hilda was "executed", Aro decided that Heidi was penitent and spared her; Chelsea then bound her to the Volturi and made her betray her own coven. The rest tried to escape, but only Victoria survived, until she was killed by Edward Cullen.

Heidi became a key member of the Volturi. Her primary duty is to orchestrate elaborate ploys to bring human victims to Volterra for the sustenance of the coven. She is required to bring them from far away, without leaving a trail, as Alice explained to Bella on the plane trip to Italy: that luring prey from beyond the city not only prevents hunting within the area but also gives the guard something to do when they are not annihilating law-breakers or protecting the city from exposure.

New Moon[]

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Heidi luring tourists to the Volturi's lair.

"Ah, Felix. Heidi will be here any moment. Patience."
―Aro urging Felix to wait for Heidi.[src]

Heidi makes a brief appearance in New Moon, where she lures a group of tourists of all ages into the Volturi's lair to be preyed upon by their members. Demetri, who is leading Bella, Edward, and Alice to the lobby after their brief confrontation, tells her to save some for him. While making her way across the hall, she gives a curious look to Bella and Edward before entering the chamber to feast. In the movie, she leads the tourists into the chamber without pause or looking at the Cullens. She comments that the tourists look "juicy" and tells them to stay together.

The tourists' screams are heard when Bella, Edward, and Alice reach the end of the hallway, signaling that the frenzy has begun, and the vampires are feasting.

Breaking Dawn[]

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The Volturi arrive in Forks.

When the Volturi come to Forks for the immortal child crisis, which mistook Renesmee Cullen for being one, Alice and Edward mention that the entire coven is on its way, doubtlessly meaning that Heidi is among them as well. After the situation was cleared almost peacefully (with the informer Irina being the only casualty), she returns to Volterra with her coven.

Physical appearance[]

"She reminded me of Rosalie, though they looked nothing alike—it was just that her beauty, too, was exceptional, unforgettable. I couldn't seem to look away. She was dressed to emphasize that beauty. Her amazingly long legs, darkened with tights, were exposed by the shortest of miniskirts. Her top was long-sleeved and high-necked but extremely close-fitting, and constructed of red vinyl. Her mahogany hair was lustrous, and her eyes were the strangest shade of violet—a color that might result from blue-hinted contacts over red irises."
―Bella's description of Heidi's appearance.[src]

Heidi was described as gorgeous and statuesque: long, lustrous mahogany hair, amazingly long legs, and eyes that were the strangest shade of violet due to her wearing blue contacts over red irises. She also had a stunning smile and a silky voice.

According to Bella, though there was no resemblance between Heidi and Rosalie Hale, Heidi still reminded her of Rosalie because of her exceptional and unforgettable beauty, and that it was almost impossible to look away from her once one saw her. Bella also noted how Heidi's sense of fashion served to emphasize her beauty. Hence, it is accurate to say that Heidi was far more beautiful than the vast majority of other vampires.

Powers and abilities: physical attraction[]

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"Nice fishing, Heidi."
―Demetri to Heidi.[src]

It is stated that, like Rosalie Hale, her beauty is exceptional, mesmerizing and unforgettable, and supported by her power to physically appeal to people, human or vampire: man or woman. Though resisting her attraction is possible, it's hard to succeed, especially if she is trying hard to attract someone.

Aro found her power useful in fishing for "food", as anyone who comes near her finds her overwhelmingly appealing, and so, he bound her to the Volturi with Chelsea's gift.

According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, her power works on a mind basis, and therefore can be rendered impotent by Bella's shield.


Heidi is named after Stephenie Meyer's sister Heidi, after her siblings wished to be mentioned in the saga.

Film portrayal[]

Noot Seear

In the New Moon movie, Heidi is portrayed by Canadian supermodel Noot Seear.