Henri is a vampire who appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. He is the leader of the French coven, with only Yvette being his coven mate. He is an exclusive character in the movie, and does not exist in the novels.

He is portrayed by Amadou Ly in the movie adaptation.


Breaking DawnEdit


Henri attacks Bella in Alice's vision

Henri and his mate, Yvette, are ordered to witness the Volturi's plan of laying punishment on the Cullen family for "breaking" the ultimate law: creation of an immortal child, who later turns out to be a vampire hybrid. He and his mate remain in the back as they observe the occasion.

In Alice's vision, a battle is commenced by Aro's refusal to retreat and triggered by Carlisle's death: Henri is working with the Volturi's guards to kill Bella. When Benjamin opens a large fissure in the ground, the guards fall in from behind, allowing Bella to free herself from Henri's grip and kick him down the pit. Since the battle is prevented, his life is spared.

Physical appearanceEdit

Henri is noted to have dark skin and black curly hair, and to be of African descent.

Film portrayalEdit

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Amadou Ly

Henri is portrayed by Amadou Ly in Breaking Dawn - Part 2.[1]

Amadou has said in an interview that he can easily relate to his character to as far as someone who is trying to put his life together and succeed in life.



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