Hilde was a woman who lived during the American Revolution. She worked as a nurse next to Carlisle Cullen during the war.

She was portrayed by Christine Dye in the short segment, Turncoats.



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Lottie being treated.

During the Revolutionary War, Hilde worked in a soldier camp as a nurse under Carlisle Cullen. She was awestruck to see Garrett move toward the camp at an unprecedented speed, but recovered soon to help a wounded soldier, who turned out to be Garrett's sister in disguise.

The commanding officer entered and discovered the girl's identity in spite of all their efforts and threatened to arrest them, causing Hilde to insult him. That night, Garrett killed the commanding officer and his soldier to protect his sister, but Hilde remained in the dark as to what happened to them.

Physical appearance

The woman was in her middle age, with an overweight appearance, neck-length blond hair, blue eyes and a foreign accent.

Personality and traits

Hilde's presence was brief, but she showed kindness, generosity to her patients, and courage, such as when she stood up to the officer for his cruel treatment toward Lottie.

Film portrayal

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Christine Dye

Hilde is portrayed by Christine Dye in Turncoats, one of the seven short films of The Storytellers.

She has heterochromia: her left eye is blue and her right eye hazel. While shooting the video, she wore a blue contact lens to cover her hazel eye.


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