"Edythe is not able to get pregnant, so all the post-honeymoon drama would vanish; Renesmee could not exist in this alternate version. Which means Ivan (Irina) would have had nothing to report back to the Volturi."
―Stephenie Meyer

Ivan is a vampire and a member of the Denali coven in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. His Twilight Saga counterpart is Irina.[1]


Ivan was part of coven of vampires who chose to feed on animal blood instead of human. Though originated from Russia, he and his two adoptive brothers eventually relocated to Denali, Alaska. They were joined by a Spanish couple sometime after.

They eventually came across a coven who shared their philosophy on human value, and both families were astonished and delighted to make each other's acquaintances.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ivan's only known features are his blond hair and golden eyes from his diet on animal blood.


  • His name was only presented in an interview between MTV and Stephenie Meyer. According to Meyer, Ivan will not meet doom like his female counterpart, because he will not face the same drama that took place in Breaking Dawn.

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