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"Got this ripped off once. Got it back before Jen could toast it."

Jen was a newborn vampire in the Seattle newborn army and was killed in the battle against the Cullens and Quileute shapeshifters.


Jen was Kristie's closest colleague in the army. Bree disliked her because she ripped off her arm and nearly succeeded in burning it once.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner[]

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Jen, like the rest of her army, was told that a coven of yellow-eyed vampires were moving in on them and motivated them to attack the coven. When Riley called Kristie forward as a group leader, she was reluctant to step up. Riley then called for Jen instead and stated that she would become one of the newborn leaders since Kristie would not step up. Hearing him sat that, Kristie pushed Jen out of the way and stood proudly next to Riley.

Before they departed for the assault, Riley gave them a sample of Bella Swan's scent, claiming her to be the Cullens' "human pet" and that they can use her scent to find the right coven. The scent motivated everyone to attack even more. Jen was hinted to be in Kristie's "group" and had a very hard time going out in the sun, since she and the rest of the army were told the stereotypical stories about vampires.

In the end, she was destroyed along with the rest of her army.