"I have another sister. She reached maturity ten years back."
―Nahuel on Jennifer.[src]

Jennifer is a human/vampire hybrid. She is the youngest daughter of Joham and the youngest half-sister of Serena, Maysun and Nahuel. Like her sisters, she is named after her mother.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jennifer was born in Ohio, and raised by her father and older half-sisters.

Because Nahuel developed a different perspective about human life from his absent father, Joham stayed closer with Jennifer to avoid a similar situation.

Jennifer would occasionally be sent by Joham to visit Huilen and Nahuel, in hopes of softening her brother's view on their father and persuade him to join their family. She is described by Nahuel as his favorite sister, and is the only one whose visits he returned. On occasion, he convinces Huilen to return her visits.

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