"Do you have a genie in a lamp? Did you find some blackmail on her? Or did you trade your soul to the devil or something?"
―Jeremy asking Beau about his budding relationship with Edythe[src]

Jeremy Stanley is a friend of Beau's at Forks High School. His Twilight Saga counterpart is Jessica Stanley.


Early life

In high school, Jeremy was a good student and fairly popular, though he wasn't as sought after by girls as Logan Mallory.

He also had a short-lived crush on Edythe Cullen when she first moved to town with her family.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

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When Beau Swan transfers to Forks High School, his presence draws the female students' attention on his first day. A jealous Jeremy then becomes his friend to share some of the attention, particularly from McKayla. The Cullen "siblings" catch Beau's eye at lunch and he asks about them; Jeremy tells him everything he knows about the pair of young women.

While they seemingly hit it off as friends, in truth, Jeremy tends to be more interested in Beau's popularity than his actual character, and is sometimes jealous of McKayla's affections toward the lad. He also takes both Spanish and Trigonometry with Beau during Junior year.

McKayla asks Jeremy to the spring dance at Beau's suggestion and they resume their relationship. He is last seen attending Beau's fake funeral at the end of the novel.

Physical appearance

Jeremy has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was noted to be shorter than Beau, not even up to his shoulders.

Personality and traits

Jeremy is a shallow individual with an outgoing personality that makes him easy to find friends. However, he doesn't show loyalty to any of his peers. He always acts nice toward Beau, but in truth he really disliked him and was silently upset when both Edythe Cullen and McKayla Newton showed affection towards him, but never did anything hurtful.


Jeremy is an only child in his family.

McKayla Newton

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"Seriously, McKayla. Are you blind?"
―Beau to McKayla[src]

Jeremy had an on-again-off-again relationship with McKayla Newton. They dated once in sophomore year. In junior year, Jeremy befriended Beau Swan to share some of McKayla's attention to the new boy. After McKayla realized that Beau wasn't interested in her and finding out that Jeremy liked her, they started hanging out.

Beau Swan

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"Please. Edythe Cullen. How did you swing that?"
―Jeremy, to Beau[src]

Beau Swan is Jeremy's friend at Forks High, though Jeremy only befriended him to share some of the attention he is receiving from the girl students.

Though he tends to care more about his popularity than his character, he seems to care for the boy on some subtle level. When Beau showed up late at the movie theater they are supposed to meet, Jeremy was ready to look for him before he appeared. When Beau faked his death, Jeremy is among one of the students who attended his funeral.


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