Joss's coven was a group of three nomadic vampires: Joss with the power of tracking sense; Victor with the power of enhanced self-preservation; and Lauren.

This coven was founded by Joss, who loved to hunt, and her mate, Victor. The coven was nomadic and wandered the northern United States. This coven broke apart with Joss's death, and Lauren's betrayal.

Because they never made the attempt to blend in with humans, they did not see the need to pay close attention to personal appearance; they looked feral to other vampires and to humans.


Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

The coven met the Cullens in 2005 during the events of Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, after hearing about odd large vampire covens claiming areas in the Pacific Northwest and decided to check them out to gather information.

Joss decided to kill Beau after catching his scent and seeing Edythe's protective stance over him: this encounter made the most exciting sports she ever had. She attempted to lure him away by telling him she had kidnapped his mother. Believing the lie, Beau fell into the trap, later discovering that his mother's voice was taken from an old home movie. Joss attacked him, broke his arm and infected his hand with vampire venom. By the time Edythe, Carine, Archie, Jessamine and Eleanor got there and destroyed Joss, it was too late to stop the transformation, and Beau became a vampire. Lauren fled the coven for self-preservation while Victor took off for the same reason.


  • Joss: The leader of the coven with tracking sense: with it, she could track and predict the most likely moves of his prey, though it could take some time. He was killed by the members of the Cullen family when targeting Beau Swan.
  • Victor: Joss's mate with the power of enhanced self-preservation, which allowed him to escape any sort of danger. He helped Joss in her games by luring his opponents on a wild goose chase and find information needed for her victory.
  • Lauren: Being the most outspoken when they met, Beau initially mistook her to be the leader of the coven. While seeking vampires with powerful and beneficial skills, Lauren found what she was looking for in Joss and joined the coven, but when Joss angered the Cullens, she took off on her own and ran up North to find the Denalis.

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