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―Kaure's word, meaning "death" in Portugese.[src]

Part-Ticuna Indian, Kaure is a very minor character in Book 1 of Breaking Dawn. She is the wife of Gustavo, both of whom are the housekeepers on Isle Esme.

She is portrayed by Carolina Virguez in the first movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn.


Early life[]

Kaure was a Native Ticuna. She was raised to believe in the traditions and legends, and consequently became superstitious, especially in the history of vampires.

Breaking Dawn[]

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Kaure and her husband Gustavo are Edward and Bella's housekeepers in their house on Isle Esme and a resident of Rio de Janeiro. Kaure was raised to believe in the traditions of her people—traditions that involve vampires and the reality of vampire-human procreation. She believes vampires are real, and that the Cullens are vampires, although she refers to Edward as a "Libishomen".

Kaure immediately fears for Bella's safety when she sees Edward kissing Bella on the neck, believing that he is feeding on her. She has her husband Gustavo accompany her to the house, and tries to be around Bella as much as possible to protect her. Later on, after bringing food to Bella, she realizes Bella is pregnant with the vampire's baby; talking with Edward in Portuguese, she uses the word "morte", or "death" in English, meaning that Bella will die if she keeps it.

Physical appearance[]

Kaure speaks Portuguese and is said to have coffee-colored skin wrinkled with age and black hair.

Personality and traits[]

Being Native Ticuna, Kaure was raised to believe the stories of her tribe, similar to the Quileute and Makah tribes. She showed kindness and some courage when she visited Edward and Bella to ensure Bella's safety.

Film portrayal[]

Carolina Virguez

Carolina Virguez is the actress who portrays Kaure in Breaking Dawn - Part 1.