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The restaurant in Twilight.

La Bella Italia is a restaurant in Port Angeles, Washington.


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Bella nearly gets attacked by serial rapists, but Edward saves her.

Angela Weber and Jessica Stanley are waiting for Bella at La Bella Italia, and Edward takes Bella there, without her telling him that she has to go to that restaurant, which Bella noticed.

Edward tells the waitress to give them a more private place, and gives her $50. This is where Edward tells Bella that he can read minds.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined[]

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Edythe takes Beau to the restaurant after saving him from a dangerous gang and convincing Allen and Jeremy to let Beau accompany her to dinner.

Edythe asks the waiter to give them a more private place, and tips him with $50. This is where Edythe tells Beau about her ability to read minds. When they leave, Edythe pays the check, much to Beau's dismay.




  • The restaurant is based on the Bella Italia Restaurant, also located in Port Angeles.[1]