"Lee is every bit as horrified to join the pack as Leah was. He, too, had his heart broken by Sam. He, too, doesn’t want to have Sam’s love for Elliott—his former best friend—always there in his head. He, too, feels ostracized by the pack for his gender. He, too, is pretty harsh in his thoughts toward the pack."
―Stephenie's description

Leland "Lee" Clearwater is the son of Holly Clearwater and Saul Clearwater. He is Sarah Clearwater's older brother, and Samantha Uley's ex-boyfriend. He is expected to phase into a wolf around the same time as his sister, Sarah. He will also have deeply unsettled issues, including a broken heart. His Twilight Saga counterpart is Leah Clearwater.


Early life

As a child, Lee was very close to his cousin, Elliott Young.

As a freshman in high school, Lee began dating, and then fell in love with Samantha Uley. They were involved in a serious relationship.

Sam saw Elliott for the first time when her phasing began and she imprinted on him immediately. She went to Lee and broke up with him. Later, Elliott told Lee that Sam was pursuing him. Lee became furious, and turned completely bitter when Sam and Elliot began seeing each other.

Personality and traits

Lee is every bit as angry and bitter as his female counterpart. He has a short temper, and often uses the pack's mental connection to remind the others of things they would rather forget and, ostensibly, to vent his pain at being connected to Sam. Despite this, he is also loyal and protective, particularly toward his sister.


Lee is the son of Holly and Saul Clearwater, and the older brother of Sarah Clearwater. His second-cousin, Elliott Young, is part Quileute and part Makah. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Samantha Uley.

Sam Uley

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Lee and Sam dated in high school and they cared about each other very much, even though Sam could not tell him that she was a wolf. Their relationship ended when Lee brought his cousin Elliott for a visit, and Sam imprinted on him.

Sarah Clearwater

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Sarah Clearwater is Lee's younger sister. He is very protective of her. He idolizes her for being more understanding and friendly than he is.

Elliott Young

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Elliott Young is Lee's cousin of the Makah tribe. They were as close as brothers throughout childhood and adulthood, until Sam imprinted on Elliott and she dumped him for his cousin. Lee had counted on Elliott to reject her, which he did constantly until he wasn't able to anymore. Lee became full of rage and bitterness when he found out that Elliott and Sam were together.

Finding out the truth allows Lee to resolve part of his issues with Elliott, though he still doesn't want to be near either of them.


Lee's existence is mentioned by Stephenie Meyer only on NOVL.[1] He is expected to join the pack and feel ostracized for his gender.


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