The following are noted differences between the original Twilight novel and the gender-swapped Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined.

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Character names[edit | edit source]


Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

Alice Cullen Archie Cullen
Amber Sal
Angela Weber Allen Weber
Bella Swan Beau Swan
Ben Cheney Becca Cheney
Billy Black Bonnie Black
Carlisle Cullen Carine Cullen
Coach Clapp Coach Clapp
Conner Colleen
Dr. Snow Dr. Snow
Edward Cullen Edythe Cullen
Eleazar Elena
Emmett Cullen Eleanor Cullen
Emily Young Elliott Young
Eric Yorkie Erica Yorkie
Esme Cullen Earnest Cullen
Esme's son Grace
Harry Clearwater Holly Clearwater
Irina Ivan
Jacob Black Julie Black
James Joss
Jasper Hale Jessamine Hale
Jessica Stanley Jeremy Stanley
Julia Hammond Mr. Hammond
Kate Kirill
Lauren Mallory Logan Mallory
Laurent Lauren
Leah Clearwater Lee Clearwater
Lee Stephens Leann Stephens
Mike Newton McKayla Newton
Bob Banner Mrs. Banner
Mr. Mason Ms. Mason
Mr. Varner Ms. Varner
Mrs. Goff Mr. Goff
Paul Lahote Paula Lahote
Quil Ateara V Quil Ateara
Rachel Black Adam Black
Rebecca Black Aaron Black
Rosalie Hale Royal Hale
Royce King II Rowena King
Sam Uley Sam Uley
Samantha Wells Sean Wells
Sarah Black George Black
Seth Clearwater Sarah Clearwater
Shelly Cope Mr. Cope
Sue Clearwater Saul Clearwater
Tyler Crowley Taylor Crowley
Victoria Victor

Differences[edit | edit source]

Twilight Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined
Aside from Renée Dwyer, Charlie Swan, Phil Dwyer, Sulpicia, Athenodora, Aro, Caius and Marcus, every character has switched gender and names.
It wasn't revealed how Bella Swan got her first name. Beau got his first name from his late maternal grandfather, Beaufort.
Bella inherited her chocolate brown eyes from Charlie. Beau inherited his sky blue eyes from Renée.
Bella sniffs her hair when Edward glares at her in Biology class, and she comments it smells like strawberry shampoo. Beau sniffs his shirt when Edythe glares at him in Biology class, and he comments it smells of detergent.
Edward and Bella examined onion roots and wrote down phrophase, anaphase and interphase. Though they identified the other two as well, they never mentioned them. Bella examined three of the five slides. Edward let Bella use the microscope. Edythe and Beau wrote down prophase, anaphase, metaphase and telophase, but never mentioned interphase, though Edythe does examine it. Beau examined one slide, then dropped the last one. Edythe caught it before it hit the floor. Already knowing the answer, she wrote down the last name. Edythe asked Beau to let her use the microscope first, only giving it to him when Mrs. Banner asked her to.
Carlisle led a group of huntsmen to locate a group of vampires in the sewers of London. A vampire emerged and attacked Carlisle, who crawled into a cellar, hidden under potatoes during transformation. Carine's father led the group with no success, then a vampire followed him home and attacked. Carine's father was murdered while she was bitten, then she crawled into the cellar where she remained hidden during transformation.
While in Port Angeles, Bella was pursued by a gang of male criminals. She had plans to buy prom dresses and then eat dinner with Jessica and Angela at La Bella Italia. Beau was pursued by a group of both females and males, two of whom he accidentally knocked in the face with his backpack early in the beginning. He had plans to buy corsages and then watch a movie with Jeremy and Allen.
While saving Bella, Edward made an effort to prevent himself from attacking the criminals. Edythe wanted to fight the criminals, but only stops herself when Beau refuses to let her go alone.
At the restaurant, Edward gives Bella his jacket to keep her from freezing. Edythe gives Beau a scarf she took from Archie instead.
Edward pays the check as they leave. Beau wants to pay, but Edythe does it instead, telling him not to get caught up in antiquated gender roles.
Tyler told everyone that he was going to prom with Bella, and showed up on her doorstep that night. Taylor told everyone that she was going to prom with Beau, who later told her off at lunch.
Esme's husband Charles Evenson was killed by Edward Cullen in 1927. Earnest's wife jumped off the cliff in 1921.
Esme's son died of fever two days after birth. He was never named. Earnest had a daughter named Grace who died at the age of two. Her alcoholic mother jumped off a cliff with her daughter in her arms.
Alice did not tell Bella why she was willingly keeping her safe for Edward's sake. She didn't mention her past either. Archie told Beau that he already thought of the two of them as best friends, and that he waited for Jessamine for twenty-eight years.
The Volturi leaders were Aro, Caius, and Marcus. The Volturi leaders were Sulpicia, Athenodora and Marcus.
Edward told Bella briefly about how Rosalie became a vampire. Rosalie later told the story herself in Eclipse. Edythe said nothing about Royal's past. Royal told the story himself during Beau's transformation.
Alice mentioned her limited ability to see humans in Breaking Dawn. Archie told Beau that humans were harder to see in this book.
Bella sneaks away from Alice and Jasper at the airport. Beau does the same thing, but sneaks away five minutes early.
Bella was led by James to the ballet studio where she took lessons as a kid. It was instead the ballet studio where Beau's mother took lessons.
The Volturi did not have a guard member who could steal other vampires' gifts. Sulpicia has a vampire servant named Mele who could steal and transfer another vampire's gift.
Aro's murdering his sister was never witnessed or revealed. Sulpicia was witness to Didyme's murder and so delivered him to Marcus, and then had Mele steal Aro's gift in order to govern the Volturi. Caius was involved with the murder as well, and they were both executed.
Edward was hesitant to suck James's venom out of Bella's system. He does so eventually, and manages to stop her from becoming a vampire. Edythe was determined to suck Joss's venom out of Beau's system. Despite her effort, the venom had already reached in too deep, and Beau chose to become a vampire.
Bella became a vampire in the middle of the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, after delivering Renesmee. Beau became a vampire at the end of Life and Death, after his near-death encounter with Joss.
Bella was able to maintain her connection to her human family. Beau was forced to fake his death to protect his parents, and forever carry the regret.
Edward asked Bella to marry him in New Moon. She accepted in Eclipse. In the epilogue of Life and Death, Beau asked Edythe to marry him, and she accepted.
After Charlie learned the Cullens, they decide to stay in Forks for a while longer. The Cullens plan to leave in 2006, after Archie and Edythe's graduation.
Bella instantly liked Jacob and vice versa. Their genuine affection toward each other blossomed briefly into love, but Bella still to break his heart. They eventually go back to being friends after Jacob imprinted on her daughter. Beau and Julie instantly become friends. Julie's feelings are one-sided, and though Beau sees her as a friend, they will not grow beyond this friendship.
Charlie Swan and Sue Clearwater end up together at the end of Breaking Dawn. There was a hint of romance between Charlie and Bonnie Black.
Bella is wearing a blue cocktail dress and high heels when she awakes as a vampire. Beau is wearing a light blue T-shirt and his own pair of jeans.
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