"There is not a cloud in the sky, Mary Alice."
"It's going to rain. I know it is."
"Well, you are always right."
―Lillian, Edgar and Alice[src]

Lillian Brandon was the mother of Mary Alice (later known as Alice Cullen) and Cynthia Brandon. Her husband, Edgar John Brandon, had her killed.

Lillian was portrayed by Barbara Beall in the segment, The Mary Alice Brandon File.


The Mary Alice Brandon File

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Lillian and Alice.

Lillian was married to Edgar and had a daughter, whom they named Mary Alice. At an early age, Alice demonstrated the gift of premonition, and Lillian accepted this part of her with stride, unlike her skeptical husband. Years later, she was pregnant again. Alice predicted it to be a girl, and Lillian named her Cynthia.

When Alice turned eighteen, she had a vision of her mother being murdered by a stranger in the woods on her way into town: The man sat in a Model T and ran Lillian's buggy off the road just outside of town, where there was a steep drop. Alice knew she was too late, but she kept running until she reached the scene. Lillian's death was declared accidental, and Alice's protestations to the contrary were met with disdain and suspicion. Edgar ordered Alice to be silent. It was later revealed that her husband hired the man to have Lillian murdered in order to marry another woman.

Physical description

Lillian had dark brown hair, light blue eyes and pale white skin. She often wore her hair up and let Alice cover it with flowers.

Film portrayal


Barbara Beall

Lillian Brandon was portrayed by Barbara Beall in the short film The Mary Alice Brandon File.


Her name was never revealed in the Twilight Saga, but merely created exclusively for the short film.

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