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"I don't know why Beaufort doesn't just sit with the Cullens now."
―Logan, on Beau[src]

Logan Mallory is a somewhat unfriendly, yet extremely popular, boy who Beau Swan meets at Forks High School. His Twilight Saga counterpart is Lauren Mallory.


Early life[]

Before Beau Swan moved to Forks, Logan was the most popular boy in school.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined[]

When Beau first moved to Forks, the attention he receives from the girls at school makes instantly Logan envious, and he remains hostile toward him to the end, even backing out of shopping corsages for their dates with Allen and Jeremy when he found out that Beau was tagging along.

After Beau fainted in biology class at the sight of blood, Logan started feigning dizziness in front of his peers, and even publicly says his full name in front of others, both of which done out of spite. Beau figured out that Logan was particularly jealous of the attention he was receiving from Taylor Crowley, on whom he obviously had a crush, and publicly declines taking Taylor to prom to give Logan the chance.

Physical appearance[]

Logan is described as having blond hair, with green, fishy eyes and pale eyebrows.

Personality and traits[]

He is depicted as being jealous of everyone, despite being the most popular boy at school. Logan is the typical standoffish and snobby jock, who likes to taunt Beau, especially since he was receiving attention from Taylor Crowley. He refers to Beau by his full name to annoy him.