"This is my sister, Lottie."

Lottie was a young girl who enlisted in the American Revolution in search of her brother, Garrett.

She was portrayed by Gabrielle Marie Miller in the short movie, Turncoats.



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Lottie being treated.

Lottie enlisted in the American Revolutionary War under the alias "James" to look for her brother, Garrett, who was recently transitioned into a vampire.

She was wounded in action, suffering two bullet wounds, and when Garrett found her, he struggled to control his thirst and carried her to the nearest soldier camp for medical treatment. Once there, he befriended the doctor, Carlisle Cullen, who was also a vampire. Revealing her sexual identity was inevitable, but Carlisle and the nurse agreed to help keep her secret. They removed the two bullets inside her and saved her life. However, in spite of their best efforts, the commanding officer still discovered her identity and decided to arrest her and her accomplices. To protect her, Garrett let himself get arrested to lure away the commanding officer and soldier and proceeded to kill them. Her secret was safe.

Physical appearance

Lottie had long brown hair that touched her back, which she wore in a braid during the war to keep her identity hidden. Her skin was pale white, and she had brown eyes.

Film portrayal


Gabrielle Marie Miller

Lottie is portrayed by Gabrielle Marie Miller in Turncoats.



  • There was no mention of Garrett ever having a sibling. Lottie was merely created for the segment.
  • Lottie's character was inspired by Deborah Sampson, a real-life female who enlisted under another alias in the Revolutionary War.

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