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"Lovely. And an officer."
―Lucy on Jasper.[src]

Lucy was a member of the Mexican coven before she and Nettie plotted against the leader, Maria, and was executed for their betrayal.

She is portrayed by Kirsten Prout in the movie adaptation of Eclipse.



Maria, Lucy and Nettie.

"You'd better do it, Maria. If he's important to you. I kill them twice as often as I keep them."
―Lucy's words to Maria[src]

Lucy was born in Northern Texas.

As a vampire, her coven (which only consisted of herself and her mate) had come under attack from another coven that was expanding its territory into northern Texas. Her mate was killed, but she managed to escape. After that, she came across Maria and Nettie. Lucy wanted a new hunting range and the power to keep it. Maria had a good vision for how to accomplish it, so Lucy followed her lead.

Lucy and Nettie helped Maria build her newborn army. She, like Maria, wanted vengeance for a fallen mate, and reclaim her territory. Nettie eventually persuaded her to turn on Maria, because they felt that she had too much power and did not want to surrender their territories to her and seek another place. They plotted to overthrow her and her right-hand man, Jasper Whitlock; subsequently, their malicious feelings alerted Jasper and the two were killed when Maria and Jasper surprised them with a preemptive attack.


Lucy is only mentioned in Eclipse, when Jasper tells Bella of his beginnings as a vampire and how Alice found him, leading them to the Cullen clan.

Physical description[]

Lucy had fair, blonde hair, and was 5'6" tall (taller than Maria and Nettie) with a slender build. Her voice was described both delicate and lovely, like wind chimes, and her skin was "snow white".

When Jasper first saw Lucy, along with Nettie and Maria, he thought they were angels, "all having beautiful angelic faces with pale porcelain skin".

Film portrayal[]

Kirsten Prout

Lucy was portrayed by Kirsten Prout in the Eclipse film.

She did a short interview during the Eclipse movie premiere and described both her character and the experience of being part of the cast.[1]

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