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"Gran had been dead for six years now, so that was solid evidence toward the dream theory."

Marie Higginbotham was Renée Dwyer's mother, and had been deceased six years prior to the beginning of New Moon, when Bella was either eleven or twelve. She has a minor but important role in New Moon, because Marie's appearance plays a part in Bella's choice to become a vampire.

She is portrayed by Christina Jastrzembska in the movie adaptation of New Moon.


Early life[]

Marie Higginbotham was a difficult, bitter woman but hardworking and loyal. She got divorced from her husband when Renée was still a child. She never got along with her daughter due to their different personalities. When Renée got married to Charlie Swan, she was sent a photograph of the wedding, but Marie never responded. Renée later wrote to Marie to tell her that she was pregnant. Marie sent Renée her own mother's handmade quilt, at which Renée was touched.

Renée was going through a depressive period when she left Charlie, and moved back in with her mother. Marie was still difficult but doted on her granddaughter, Bella. When Bella was six, Renée moved to Phoenix with her and Marie lived alone once again. She passed away in 1999.

New Moon[]

Bella as Marie in her dream.

"Happy birthday, Bella."

The night before her eighteenth birthday, Bella has a dream. In her dream, she is standing across from her grandmother in Edward's meadow. Edward comes to stand beside Bella, even though she worries that Gran will see Edward glistening in the sun. Then Bella realizes that Gran has her arm around someone invisible, and that Gran has the same expression Bella has. As Bella moves forward, Marie copies all of her movements, and Bella realizes that it is not her grandmother but herself in the mirror. The dream represents Bella's fear of growing old, while her love, Edward, stays young forever. This makes Bella even more insistent upon being transformed into a vampire, so she can be with Edward eternally.

Physical appearance[]

Marie's skin was described as soft and withered, bent into a thousand tiny creases that clung gently to the bone underneath with thick white hair, which was pale brown in the movie. Her eyes were brown in the movie.

Personality and traits[]

Marie was known to be harsh and bitter, but also loyal. Her daughter, Renée had a hard time living with her due to their differences in personality, but nonetheless never disregarded each other's existences.

Film portrayal[]

Christina Jastrzembska

Christina Jastrzembska was cast as Marie Higginbotham in the film adaption of New Moon.