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Mary is a North American nomadic vampire. She was born in Nova Scotia around 1890 and transformed just after her twenty-eighth birthday, in 1918.

She is portrayed by Toni Trucks in the second movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn.


Mary was born in Nova Scotia around 1890 and transformed soon after her 28th birthday. At some point, she befriended the Cullen family, but did not share their value on human life. She mostly traveled alone and rarely kept in touch with her friends.

Breaking Dawn[]

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Mary and Garrett.

"We stand with Carlisle. And we fight with him."
"The same goes for me."
"And me."
―Tanya, Randall and Mary's declarations.[src]

In late 2006, the Cullens' lives are threatened by the Volturi when they mistook their youngest member, Renesmee Cullen, for an immortal child, and then decide to gather witnesses to testify their case; Emmett and Rosalie track Mary down and send her to Forks without giving much details other than their family needing her help in a crisis.

While on her way to Forks, she befriends another nomadic vampire named Randall, who is also on his way to the Cullens. As soon as she heard their story, Mary agrees to stay and witness for the Cullens, even when one of the witnesses, Alistair, left out of fear of the Volturi.

During the confrontation, she remains in the background witnessing the entire event. After the Volturi retreated peacefully, she goes her own way.

Physical appearance[]

Other than her dark red eyes, Mary's physical description was never explored in the books. In the movie, she is an African woman with wild thick brown curls and a somewhat muscular physique.


Mary's characteristics are not at all described in the books.

In the movie, she is described as the type of person who comes of her own volition, and never returns to the same place unless she is needed, and is truly a nomadic person since she has no prior relationship and wanders all alone in the world. However, because of this, the bond of family is foreign to her. But despite this, "she is one of their strongest friends so ended up valuable".

Film portrayal[]

Toni Trucks

Mary is portrayed by actress Toni Trucks in Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

She gave a clear description on her character and her commitment to the Twilight Saga in an interview.[1]