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McKayla Newton is one of the students who attends Forks High School with Beau Swan, and one of the most popular girls in school. McKayla develops affectionate feelings toward Beau on his first day at school, even though he does not return them. Her Twilight Saga counterpart is Mike Newton.


Early life[]

McKayla was born in Sacramento, California. She is the only child in her family.

Her family moved to Forks when she was 10 years old and opened Newton's Olympic Outfitters. In her high school years, McKayla started working part-time for her parents, selling camping and hiking gear. She became a popular student in school and dated some of the most popular boys, including Logan Mallory, and later Jeremy Stanley, who already had a crush on her. She and Jeremy dated on-and-off during sophomore year.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined[]

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McKayla first meets Beau Swan on his first day of school in Life and Death, and takes an immediate romantic liking on him. She continues to compete for his affections with Edythe Cullen and some other girls at school, even after Beau and Edythe started dating. After an unsuccessful attempt to take Beau to the spring dance, Beau suggests to McKayla that she should ask fellow student Jeremy Stanley instead. She does so and they re-establish their relationship.

Physical appearance[]

McKayla is described as a cute and an attractive girl, with pale blue eyes, long blond hair that was "carefully flat-ironed into a pale blond curtain", and a baby face.

Personality and traits[]

Beau describes McKayla as loyal, and obsessively following random people. McKayla is athletic and very friendly to those she likes, but also obnoxious, persistent and competitive, and also dense on sensing other people's signals while she is infatuated with Beau.


McKayla is the only child in her family.

Jeremy Stanley[]

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Jeremy Stanley is McKayla's ex-boyfriend. They dated on-and-off again in sophomore year. Though they broke prior to January 2005, Jeremy still has lingering feelings for her, and therefore is jealous when she shows affection toward Beau Swan. Beau eventually sets her straight by telling her how Jeremy feels about her.

Beau Swan[]

Beau Swan is McKayla's friend and crush. She grew fond of him since the first day he arrived at school, and competed against the other girls for his attention, including Erica Yorkie, Taylor Crowley, and Edythe Cullen. However, Beau, already has his sight on Edythe, does not return the affection.