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"Mele. A… servant, I suppose you could call her. Sulpicia's little thief."
―Edythe, on Mele[src]

Mele is a member of the Volturi, who has the ability to absorb the special gifts of other vampires. She only exists in the novella Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined.


Mele was a woman who lived in the Mycenaean age. She was recruited by Sulpicia, wife of Aro, after discovering that she had the power to take another vampire's gift. The Volturi were hesitant to destroy Aro due to his power of tactile telepathy being an important means of resource to the coven. Sulpicia realized that she was fortunate to have come across Mele. Mele, under Sulpicia's orders, took Aro's power and then transferred it to the latter, making her the Volturi's new leader. She had been with the Volturi ever since.

While telling her boyfriend, Beau about her adopted mother's early life, Edythe Cullen shows him a portrait of the Volturi leaders with Carine from the 17th century. Mele is shown in the painting as well.

Physical appearance

Mele is described as small and nondescript with light brown hair and clothes.

Powers and abilities: power transferal

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"… Sulpicia searched out a young girl—Mele, the one Edythe had called a servant and a thief—who had a gift of her own. She could absorb another vampire's gift. She couldn't use that stolen gift, but she could give it to someone else who she was touching."
―Edythe telling Beau about the Volturi's history[src]

Mele's special ability is transferring another individual's gift into herself and contain it. She cannot use the powers she absorbed; however, she can transfer it to another person, evidenced by the fact that she gave Aro's power of tactile telepathy to Sulpicia. She needs only to touch her wanted target for the transference to commence. Because of this power, she is known to Edythe as a "thief".


  • When questioned about Mele's Twilight Saga counterpart, Stephenie answered: "I think that Aro did eventually find 'Mel' (long after Didyme’s death) and, after thinking carefully through the implications of Mel’s gift for a century or so, had him quietly destroyed. Aro wouldn’t like the thought of himself being replaceable."[1]

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