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  • Sorry to bother you again about appearances, but the categorization of a number of objects/locations is somewhat inconsistent.

    Forks, Washington, the main setting of the series, appears in all four novels/movies and has no categories reflecting this. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil appears only in Breaking Dawn and is thus categorized.

    I'd like to do a thorough check of the relevant pages and either add the proper book categories to all of them, or remove them completely.

    What do you think?

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    • I haven't taken care of the categories in a while, so I am out of touch with that, but I will let you know some details.

      Before, when this wikia was still very active, people would constantly add categories on the pages, and they were very inconsistent, like hair color, gender, etc. One of the users, TagAlongPam, felt it was getting out of hand, so s/he settled the categories in different ways.

      An example: Bella Swan was a human who attended Forks High School and had a gift of shielding minds, and she was a newborn and part of the Cullen family when the series ended. Thus she was categorized under Olympic coven/Cullen family, newborns, characters with special abilities

      She wasn't listed under vampires because the category newborns was already categorized as such.

      Also, look at the category on Seattle newborn army. They're listed under Eclipse and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, because that's where they appeared. It's more like an interconnection between categories, subcategories and pages.

      It's unlike any of the other wikias, but it ran effectively for a time. The point was to make sure not too many unnecessary categories were added, like how some people like to vandalize the pages for sports.

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    • Yep, I remember. Some of it, at least.

      This will require some studying, I believe.

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    • Another thing.

      I notice that some pages with book sections (Biloxi, Mississippi, which has a section about The Storytellers and New Moon) is correctly categorized in TS and NM. No problem here.

      Bella Swan's truck, which is present in the first three novels, and mentioned in Breaking Dawn as dead, has neither book sections nor categories. Should we add them both?

      I do remember some objects/locations are quoted as only mentioned somewhere in the text (will cite them when I find them), but no book category has been added. How should behave in this case?

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    • i don't think i categorized the book sections that way. someone else did

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    • A FANDOM user
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