Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley.

Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley are a minor couple in the Twilight series, and one of the least stable ones. Their Life and Death counterparts are McKayla Newton and Jeremy Stanley.

In the movies, Mike is portrayed by Michael Welch and Jessica by Anna Kendrick.


Mike NewtonEdit


Mike Newton

Mike was born in Sacramento, California. When he was ten years old, his family moved to Forks and opened a shop called Newton's Olympic Outfitters. He became quite a popular student in high school, and has dated some of the most popular girls, including Lauren Mallory. When Bella Swan first moved to town, he was quite interested in her and attempted to pursue her a few times until he realized that she was dating Edward.

Jessica StanleyEdit


Jessica Stanley

Jessica was born in Austin, Texas. Her parents moved to Forks when she was very young, but she has always thought of herself as being less provincial than the locals. While attending high school, she became fairly popular and hung out with both Lauren Mallory and Angela Weber, and later Bella Swan, though she wasn't loyal to any of them.


Mike and Jessica had dated for a while in their sophomore year, but they broke up shortly after.

Twilight - EclipseEdit

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In Twilight, Mike pursues new school girl, Bella, and asks her to prom even after Jessica asked him, but she turns him down and suggests that he asks Jessica instead, knowing that she wants to go with him. He takes her advice and Jessica quickly accepts his invitation. They are later seen together at prom.

Their relationship is mentioned to have ended sometime after Twilight and before New Moon, but they remain friends of sorts and Mike attempts to make his move on Bella yet again.

In the movie adaptation of Eclipse, Mike gives a paper for Jessica's graduation speech, but she throws it at his head and brushes off his choice of speech.

Breaking DawnEdit

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Mike, Jessica, Angela, and Eric at Bella and Edward's wedding.

Sometime after Eclipse, Mike and Jessica have gotten back together. They are seen together at Bella and Edward's wedding, where Bella notices them holding hands, though Mike still has romantic thoughts about Bella. In the movie, Mike and Jessica, along with Angela and Eric, notice the Cullens' "cousins", the Denalis. Though Mike gives a rude comment, he drools a little bit at the sight of the Denali sisters, Tanya, Kate and Irina. Jessica also gives off jealousy of Bella for winning Edward's affection despite her lack of school activities.

They are last seen waving the married couple goodbye.

This is the last time they appear in the series.

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